Overheard in the Halls / 1st 9-weeks

A collection of the most random lines we heard walking the halls this quarter.



“I have croutons in my locker.” 


“You’d skip Thanksgiving dinner to work at PacSun?”


“You need to start looking at me when you’re on the field.” ~ football girlfriend


“In my world, Airdrop is up there with the invention of the wheel.”


“I’m just, like, gonna walk around and be a total fascist.”


“I think the UK is….that was a bad idea.”


“I will wear normal clothes just to spite Spirit Week.”


“My brain, it’s like a pirate ship.”


“Patrick Henry sounds like a cool guy. I’d have a drink with him…A drink of water, of course.”


“I just have to get a jet.”


“What’s Officer Ray’s last name?”


“Mrs. Ludwick almost spilled my Monster drink.”


“You made me so mad I almost broke my hamburger.”


“OMG, NAI backward is ‘Ian.'”


“I got anxiety in my knee.”


“You’re looking at a future FBI agent right here.”


“Always make sure it’s the exact opposite.”


“It was 1972, but still.”


“My boss really wants me to work tonight, but I’ve decided that I actually want him to fire me.”


“That’s why I say that cereal is a breakfast soup!”


“You are outnumbered, bro! Four to — how many people are on your side?”


“I sound like a seagull.”


“Sheets, with an ‘s.’”


“I keep thinking about that marshmallow.”


“Your laptop is troubling me. All your stickers are upside down.”


“In summary, I was asked to Homecoming while making a caesar salad with an angry customer waiting for 17 minutes.”


“Don’t call me a stalker. I’m just observant.”


“You now have a rectangle.”


“Why does this fry look like a comma?”


“Find me the multiverse and throw me in it.”


“You run out of hot dog buns, you go bread, dog, bread.”