Un”Locke”ing a Second Season

Season two of Netflix’s original series “Locke and Key” provides viewers with a fulfilling deepening of the story.



Kinsey, Bode, and Tyler Locke fight to keep their late father’s magical keys protected in season two of the Netflix series.

Anna Parsons, Senior Staff Writer

The overwhelming influx of new Netflix series during the beginning of March 2020 and the hype surrounding them was remarkable. And many of those intricate and entertaining storylines that were born during that time are now being furthered. One of these quarantine specials is the horror drama Locke and Key, whose newly released second season deepens the show to new levels. 

After moving into their deceased father’s childhood home in the fictional town Matheson, Massachusetts, Kinsey, Tyler, and Bode Locke start discovering magical keys throughout the infamous Keyhouse manor. But a vengeful demon named Dodge is after the power the keys bring to whoever possesses them. From being able to open a door that leads to anywhere in the world all the way to being able to go into one’s own mind, the Locke’s keys bring an array of interesting powers that should only belong to the Locke family. 

Season one offered an introduction to the family, their powerful keys, and their determination to protect what’s rightfully theirs, but season two dives deeper into the intricate story. By revealing origins, secondary characters’ pasts, and creating an overall darker scene, season two of Locke and Key engages viewers even more than before. 

While the series’ main characters are obviously very vibrant throughout the next season, several of season one’s secondary characters’ stories are brought forth to understand origins of the keys and the Locke family. The change of pace of examining characters that weren’t showcased as much before compared to just focusing on the same characters is interesting. Viewers get to experience characters such as the kids’ Uncle Duncan and their father’s friend Erin Voss more in depth than in season one. 

Darker plot twists and turns, along with the mix of darker visual effects, create a fulfilling horror drama experience that leaves watchers on the edge of their seat. 

More character explanation reveals the background stories of the keys, but so does the interweaving of scenes from 1775, when the first Lockes discovered the magic. This extra element of season two provides watchers with an understanding needed to grasp the extent of the magic and how important it truly is to the family and all who try to steal it. Knowing background information from the past helps to answer so many unanswered questions from season one. 

Along with providing more information, season two features impressive character development. All the characters, especially the secondary characters from the previous season, experience new developments that showcase different aspects of who they are or who they’ve become. Watchers may not expect some surprising changes to certain characters throughout the second season. Instead of staying stagnant in who they were a season before, everyone in Locke and Key evolves in rather unforeseen ways, which creates interesting conflict and occasional resolution. 

And cinematically, the sequel season is darker and creeper than the first. Visually, the viewer’s experience is eerily enhanced from what they have seen before. Darker plot twists and turns, along with the mix of darker visual effects, create a fulfilling horror drama experience that leaves watchers on the edge of their seat. 

From evolving minor characters’ story lines to creating a fulfilling horror experience, season two of Netflix’s original series Locke and Key is one for all lovers of fantasy and horror. The intricate story leaves viewers wanting more and waiting for all their questions to be answered. And the cliffhanger ending leaves room for all those viewers to expect their questions to gain answers in a possible season three.