One Night, a Lifetime of Memories


courtesy of @ndirdaNA

The NASH gym was packed for the 2022 Homecoming Dance.

Libby Heckert, Staff Writer

Homecoming–a tradition that dates back to the late 19 century–annually brings students together for an early-October weekend of celebration. Every high school has its own homecoming traditions, but most consist of a week of events, including a pep rally, parade, and a big football game, typically a match-up with a rival. Among the festivities, a homecoming court is often named, with the nominations of homecoming kings and queens.

Homecoming is an amazing experience and an important event to partake in during your high school career. It is a great way to express and share your school spirit with your classmates, whether you’re a freshman or senior.

Homecoming has been something I’ve looked forward to since my older sister and brother got to go to it. I would get so jealous of them, as they got to dress up, go out, and have fun with their friends. I was ecstatic when it was finally my turn. Homecoming is more than just a dance. It is a great opportunity for you to spend time with friends and make memories that will last a lifetime. 

Homecoming is more than just a dance. It is a great opportunity for you to spend time with friends and make memories that will last a lifetime. ”

Additionally, homecoming has evolved along with teen culture. Instead of it being a social standard for boys to ask girls and go as a couple, now many students are fine with going by themselves or with friends. Everybody has a chance to participate, giving the opportunity for all to have a great night and make memories.

Of course, some don’t like all the planning and stress of getting a group together. Once the day arrives, however, it is all worth it. 

Homecoming is something you can’t do outside of school. It’s about being a part of the community here at NASH and having an enjoyable experience with people in your school. You also get to see all your classmates’ hard work in decorating the school. Also, homecoming is not all about dancing. There are refreshments and games to play in the cafeteria, so those who prefer to avoid the dance floor can just chill out with friends and still have a good time. 

Of course, no one should feel forced to attend this Saturday’s dance.  But honestly, I think you won’t have any regrets if you do, especially when you’re older and reflecting on high school.  You should want to take advantage of every teenage opportunity before you go out into the real world and be an adult. 

This Saturday offers a classic opportunity to make great memories.  Why miss out?