Not for Everyone



Seeing or participating in the Homecoming parade is just as important to some students as attending the dance.

Sunny Li, Staff Writer

The homecoming dance: one of the most iconic and hyped-up events in a student’s high school experience. Many students spend the weeks beforehand preparing anxiously for the dance, as it plays an absolutely pivotal role in maximizing their high school years… or does it?

Obviously, for those who enjoy the kind of entertainment a dance can bring, they are perfectly within their rights to attend and have fun. However, these events may not be for everyone and are not as vital an aspect of the high school experience as they’re glorified to be. One can still create great memories without attending the homecoming dance.

For some, it might be hard to imagine why one would turn down the opportunity to get on a dance floor and party hard. The truth is, there are many components surrounding the dance that could deter students from attending. Pricing is one such factor. Tickets for this Saturday’s dance cost $20-25, depending on your purchase date. For some, this is on the pricier side for a dance that lasts just a few hours, steering some away from attending.

It’s important to realize that not everyone has the same taste and that they shouldn’t feel pressured to attend [the dance].”

On top of the entry fee, there also exists a pressure to purchase formal attire, adding to the total cost. While not a requirement for attendance, there is an unwritten rule that one should come to homecoming looking their best.

Beyond the economic downsides, the environment of the homecoming dance may not appeal to all. Music at these events is often very loud, making it difficult to communicate with others while on the dance floor. There is usually an area for refreshments that is usually more relaxed, but oftentimes, it can be crowded. Moreover, the lighting of the dance can be distracting or uncomfortable. Conventional lights are usually turned off while blaring, disco-like lights are set up all around the room, creating discomfort for those who are sensitive to brightness.

Additionally, perhaps dancing itself just isn’t enjoyable for some. Others could be deterred by the lack of a plus one or group to attend with, or maybe there are alternative events around the same time that students would rather attend. That’s perfectly fine. Attending homecoming doesn’t have to be an end-all-be-all factor in a worthwhile high school experience. 

If someone is excited and wants to attend, then there is absolutely no issue in doing so. But it’s also important to realize that not everyone has the same taste, and they shouldn’t feel pressured to go to the dance. Ultimately, the decision whether to go or not should come down to the preferences of the individual, not external pestering.