No Thanks

Camryn Gray, Arts and Entertainment Editor

A crowded table filled with a variety of food does not interest me in the slightest. Thanksgiving food has never really been my favorite part of the holiday, even when I was younger. My favorite parts of Thanksgiving are the holiday deals in store and online, as well as the days off from school. 

A typical Thanksgiving menu typically includes turkey, mashed potatoes, a green vegetable, gravy, sweet potatoes/yams, stuffing, cranberry sauce, a type of pie, and a few other foods that vary by household. I personally do not like any of the foods listed above and I consider the flavor profile of all of them pretty bland as well. Out of these foods, I really only like the pies. I am not a fan of pumpkin pie because I find it basic and boring. My favorite Thanksgiving pie I have tried was a cinnamon streusel pie. The pie was not only more unique, but it had far more flavor than a bland pumpkin pie. 

Arguably, the most popular Thanksgiving food is turkey. I find Thanksgiving turkey dry and bland. I could say that it might be the way the turkey is made, but I have tried a variety of turkeys over the years and have never been a fan. I feel that I am not alone in my hatred for turkey, seeing that many tend to label other foods as their favorite Thanksgiving dish.

My favorite Thanksgiving food is macaroni and cheese, which is far from a fall-inspired dish. However, macaroni and cheese is common in many houses on Thanksgiving. I love the warm, cheesy, buttered noodles that are topped with panko bread crumbs. The dish may be simple, but I find that it tastes better than any of the other food served on Thanksgiving.

I will never understand why some people enjoy certain Thanksgiving foods. Specifically, I am confused why people are so fond of making cranberry sauce every year. I have never tried the dish, but I still feel that I am within my rights to judge those that eat it on Thanksgiving. It seems like a dish similar to jello that does not pair well with any of the other Thanksgiving foods. 

I prefer the food I eat on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day compared to the food I eat on Thanksgiving. I tend to eat traditional Italian food (pasta, chicken parmesan, garlic bread) on Christmas Eve and beef tenderloin on Christmas Day. The food during the Christmas season has far more variety and flavor, making it preferable to the food at Thanksgiving dinner. 

My family and I have tried a variety of recipes over the years to add variety and to try to get me to like Thanksgiving food more. I consider my mom and I to be pretty good cooks, which means that I know my dislike of Thanksgiving food has nothing to do with the way it is prepared–I simply dislike the food. Although I dislike Thanksgiving food, I am grateful to spend the holiday with my family surrounded by a table of food.