20 Seconds of Wisdom

Without a lot of time, NASH students (and others) do their best to provide something worth reading.


Kat Klinefelter

The Uproar seeks to find the most front and center thoughts that are in the minds of NASH students.

Sunny Li, Staff Writer

People at NASH (and by extension, NA as a whole) certainly have a lot to say, so what would happen if they were put on the spot? That is exactly what The Uproar is seeking to find out.

The Uproar interviewed various NASH students (and a few “guest stars”) to see how they would react to being given 20 seconds to say whatever they wanted. The results were… interesting.


Anonymous Speakers

“Okay, uh, I think that there are many people who are bad but deep down, they’re actually really really… good, in a way–not good necessarily, but like, they have reasons for their actions, stuff like that? Like… like let’s take an example, like… a criminal could have a really tragic backstory, like his parents abandoned or something, I don’t know. Like, nobody is bad from birth, you know what I mean?” –Anonymous

“Hello, yeah, so, Sunny asked me to say–talk–for 20 seconds on whatever I want so… today I have a physics test, so I’m just going to talk about Physics 1 & 2. So… starting off with Physics, at the heart of it is basically conservation of energy, and how forces work. So forces work by working on acceleration. They don’t defect; they have work on things that–” –Anonymous

“My favorite Magic: The Gathering deck would be, uh, the blue and green deck. It’s called “reap the tides” because it’s a landfall deck, which means that I can get a ton of mana and buy like, really huge creatures, which usually helps me defeat my opponents in the long run, and I just find that green decks usually beat a lot of the other ones.” –Anonymous

“Alright, well… I would say my, uh, favorite place to get food very fast is gotta be… KFC. Um… I like to drive. Uh… not a big fan of the turnpike; it’s a little too fast for my taste, that’s about it.” –Anonymous

“Um… my Crocs are great, um… I like the school food–not really. The uh… music, arts, here at this school are pretty good. I play percussion. Um… yeah, uh–” –Anonymous

“You know, I just really want a significant other to hold me in their arms; I’m so lonely. Uh… there are–she has to have at least uh… 1550 SAT, at least a 34 ACT, above a 3.8 GPA. Uh… she has to be Ivy League ready, uh, preferably going into pre-medicine–” –Anonymous.

“Is it okay if I just say nothing?…okay………hi……………… ‘kay bye!” –Anonymous


Brave Souls

“Uh… I am currently studying for my Physics Final, which I am woefully underprepared for. Um… I expect myself to fail, but… I’m gonna try to aim for a B at the minimum.” — Hanna Wang (NASH Senior)

“Uh… hello… my name is Kai Bauer. Uh… I like the Uproar… I’m glad that I got to go to NASH.” –Kai Bauer (NASH senior)

“Hello everyone, this is Hannah Wright. I don’t know what I’m doing, so we’re just gonna talk for the next 20 seconds. I like jellyfish; jellyfish are really cool. Have you ever heard of the immortal jellyfish–okay, I’m wondering how much time I have uh… cupcakes are also yummy. I like baking, uh… I don’t know what else I’m saying with my life, uh–” –Hannah Wright (NASH junior)

“…Hi. My name is Tori… can’t wait to get out of here… yeah that’s it… okay… yeah.” –Tori Wisniewski (NASH senior)


Guest Stars

“Um, I don’t really know what to do but I’m saying things for the school newspaper article. I feel kind of like, put on, like the spot, but that’s okay because words just, like, are words. I mean, you can say words to make more words, and then words make more sentences, and the sentences are the things that I am saying right now, and–is that like, 20 seconds yet?” –Anonymous

“Uh… so how–Sunny Li, I’d like to talk to you about our lord and savior, but you know what also is great? Undertale… is that 20 seconds?–no it’s not. Undertale is a really great thing that I love to–” –Charles Potter (NAI sophomore)

“You should, as I’ve stated before, learn from the past, look forward to the future, and live in the present. If we do that more often, we can focus on what’s important, and we can live happier, more fulfilling lives.” — Mr. Lyons (NASH social studies teacher)