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The Student Voice of North Allegheny Senior High School

The Uproar

The Student Voice of North Allegheny Senior High School

The Uproar

Sunny Li

Sunny Li, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Sunny is a Senior at NASH who is writing for the Uproar for the second and final year. As one of three Editors-in-Chief, Sunny hopes to inspire the rest of the Uproar's staff to go outside the box with wacky, yet well-constructed works. Outside of writing for the Uproar, Sunny enjoys aiding, guiding, and competing for the Speech and Debate team as one of two event leaders for Interpretation.

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Opinion: A Work of Fart

Opinion: A Work of Fart

Sunny Li, Co-Editor-in-Chief September 14, 2023

In today’s shaky political climate, one issue lingers in the air. A stigma has been unjustly silencing Americans for generations, stripping them of a fundamental human birthright. It’s time that society...

Power On

Power On

Sunny Li, Co-Editor-in-Chief August 23, 2023

NASH students were met with quite the change at the start of the 2023-2024 school year--a previous application that many had used for the entirety of their years of education, Tyler SIS, was replaced with...

The Uproar seeks to find the most front and center thoughts that are in the minds of NASH students.

20 Seconds of Wisdom

Sunny Li, Staff Writer June 1, 2023

People at NASH (and by extension, NA as a whole) certainly have a lot to say, so what would happen if they were put on the spot? That is exactly what The Uproar is seeking to find out. The Uproar interviewed...

Due to a lack of awareness surrounding the circle analogy, many big circles and their supporters are forced to fight against the blame caused by their little circles.

Opinion: The Circle Analogy

Sunny Li, Staff Writer May 15, 2023

As any true American will know, pointing fingers and blaming the first person associated with a disaster is much easier than doing extensive research on a situation before forming an opinion. But what...

Billy Mitchell shakes hands with Todd Rogers--a former Twin Galaxies referee who has since been banned for similar cheating scandals--at the 2007 Florida Association of Mortgage Brokers Convention; the joystick with questionable authenticity  is in plain view behind them.

The Billy Mitchell Saga Continues

Sunny Li, Staff Writer April 26, 2023

As time goes on, the reputation and popularity of a celebrity can waver between the highs and lows. But very rarely can someone’s image plummet to such an extreme level that they actually end up worse...

The elusive Andy the Armadillo flashes his mysterious smile as he stands in the NASH cafeteria last week during lunch periods.

The Mystery of Andy the Armadillo

Sunny Li, Staff Writer March 29, 2023

On March 20th, 2023, NASH students were greeted by an unexpected guest during their lunch periods--a mysterious armadillo from Texas Roadhouse. The story of this intriguing guest was shrouded in mystery,...

The list of vocabulary words for NASHs AP Language & Composition has only continued to expand throughout the year.

A Full Review of NASH’s AP Language & Composition Vocabulary List

Sunny Li, Staff Writer March 28, 2023

AP Language and Composition is arguably one of the most challenging courses at NASH, and a staple occurrence for each quarter has been a list of 20 vocabulary words, ultimately leading to a high-stakes...

Third parties have long been lumped into one obscured, overlooked group, and to make matters worse, the two political juggernauts can even spare them an ounce of respect.

Opinion: America’s Illusion of Choice

Sunny Li, Staff Writer March 13, 2023

This is an opinion on opinions--they just don’t work in America. It’s one side or the other, and those who dare to compromise just can’t seem to gain traction. Somehow, some way, the very same nation...

The official artwork for the Running With Speed Documentary, posted on Good Deed Entertainments site.

Running With Speed: An Introduction to Speedrunning

Sunny Li, Staff Writer March 2, 2023

For years, speedrunning remained as a relatively niche form of competitive gaming that has been largely cut off from mainstream media. However, on January 6th, 2023, Good Deed Entertainment released Running...

One half of the largest collection of awards at NASH--a collection that represents the talent, success, pride, and dedication of the forensics team.

NA Forensics: The Students’ Success

Sunny Li, Staff Writer February 1, 2023

The Speech and Debate Team is one of North Allegheny’s longest running and most prestigious clubs, and with it comes an expansive list of successes and awards spanning over 50 years.  The exact...

Sophomores Tommie Helkowski (left) and Autumn Wynne (right) prepare to select their characters for battle.

Absolutely Smashing

Sunny Li, Staff Writer January 25, 2023

Despite being released over four years ago, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (SSBU) has become one of the most widely competitive video games of all time. Now, thanks to the effort of a single junior, the competition...

With an anthem as well-known as the Russian anthem, it can be easy to forget that said anthem hasnt always remained the same.

Anthems of the Motherland

Sunny Li, Staff Writer January 19, 2023

Each national anthem across the world is unique in its own right, but a personal favorite, as previously ranked, is the anthem of Russia. However, the glorious, patriotic tune that the world hears today...

The American nation, as polarized as it has grown politically, remains united at the core, though there are forces actively working to keep us from realizing it.

Opinion: United in Our Division

Sunny Li, Staff Writer January 10, 2023

Division, tension, and conflict seem like certainties in 21st century America. But with a new year underway, a question must be raised: is the path of animosity the only way? Or perhaps it’s about time...

Nathan Barnatt shows off his dance moves at a TEDx Phoenix event in 2011.

Nathan Barnatt: The Pioneer of TikTok Dancing Before TikTok

Sunny Li, Staff Writer December 15, 2022

TikTok: it’s a thing now. Just a little thing, nothing more. Clearly, that’s an understatement. The app has garnered a cult following ever since the beginning of the pandemic, but the truth is,...

Billy Mitchell poses with Pac-Man at the 2014 Twin Galaxies trading card event

The Billy Mitchell Saga

Sunny Li, Staff Writer November 21, 2022

A universal truth of competition is the inevitability of cheating. Usually, any infringement against the rules of a contest can be swiftly swept away. However, when the person who is accused has a starring...

The students of Mrs. Rhineharts period 2 AP Literature class are among several hundreds at NASH who have already made their decision regarding registration for the AP Exam in May.

The AP Question

Sunny Li, Staff Writer November 14, 2022

AP Exam early-bird registration has come to a close. Although unregistered students still have time to register, most students have made their final decisions. At the very least, there seems to be a...

Nearly every country  across the globe has a national anthem, but as musical compositions, they vary widely.

A National Anthems Ranking

Sunny Li, Staff Writer October 25, 2022

Seeing or participating in the Homecoming parade is just as important to some students as  attending the dance.

Not for Everyone

Sunny Li, Staff Writer October 6, 2022

The homecoming dance: one of the most iconic and hyped-up events in a student’s high school experience. Many students spend the weeks beforehand preparing anxiously for the dance, as it plays an absolutely...

The poster for the final season of Meta Runner, features Tari, the shows main character who stands not only for individual integrity but also for justice.

Meta Runner: A Hidden Gem

Sunny Li, Staff Writer September 30, 2022

On December 5th, 2018, YouTube content creator, Luke Lerdwichagul--better known as SMG4--released a trailer for an animation series, Meta Runner. This was a major diversion from his usual content: Super...

Mikhail Gorbachev, once one of the most influential figures in global politics, was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize (1990) in recognition of his role in de-esclalating the Cold War.

The Legacy of Mikhail Gorbachev

Sunny Li, Staff Writer September 19, 2022

On August 30th, 2022, Mikhail Gorbachev--the final leader of the Soviet Union--passed away. His role on the international stage left an enormous impact on both the politics and people of the world. But...

The remaining pieces of Freddy, settled on a table in the AP Psychology classroom.

Freddy is Dead!

Sunny Li, Staff Writer September 6, 2022

On August 25th, tragedy struck in fourth period of Mrs. Failla’s AP Psychology course. Freddy--a porcelain phrenology model of the human cranium--was killed. Freddy--who was named by Failla herself--was...

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