Written in the Stars // November

Your Horoscope for the Scorpio Season

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Written in the Stars // November

graphic by Lexie Vincenty

graphic by Lexie Vincenty

graphic by Lexie Vincenty

Lexie Vincenty and Abby Birch

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SCORPIO [Oct. 23 to Nov. 21] // Happy Scorpio season! Luck and fortune are heading your way, so there is a possibility that you will get an early Christmas/Hanukkah gift. Chances are, your job is going super well and you know what the holiday season means: Holiday hours! Take advantage of them because you’ll have even more coin than you’re bringing in now. Like any other sign during their season, go binge! Go all-out and buy yourself a nice boujee outfit for school and get Starbucks every day. Take the time to reconnect with an old friend this month, because it might be worth it in the end. Indulge in your family’s Thanksgiving dinner and don’t hold back, no matter what your aunt might try to tell you.

Your Thanksgiving dish this season is: Pumpkin Pie


SAGITTARIUS [Nov. 22 to Dec. 21] // Well, this month may not be your best, Sagittarius. But it’ll be good for you to lean on others. Do class projects in a group instead of going solo. This is not a month you should go through alone, because others are there to help you. Your friends and family have your back this month, so don’t be afraid to reach out for help. Listen to some good music to remind you of all the love around you.

Your Thanksgiving dish this season is: Sharp Cheddar Scalloped Potatoes


CAPRICORN [Dec. 22 to Jan. 19] // Capricorn, this is your month for success! All the hard work you have been doing is about to pay off. Your confidence will soar this month, and things will look up for you. Use this month as sign that you are on your way to doing great things. Your teachers are seeing all your hard work and taking notice (which will pay off in the future). You will do great things this month, Capricorn, so take advantage of it.

Your Thanksgiving dish this season is: Ice Box Rolls


AQUARIUS [Jan. 20 to Feb. 18] // Homework is a real struggle right now, Aquarius. Your special water power won’t help you finish that chem homework, which could make you feel very overwhelmed. Though your special powers may not help you with work, they could help you with that cutie in one of your classes. Take most of the effort you put into work and put it into a relationship. You are great at putting effort into everything else except someone else. Take some time to be with someone else this month. Who knows? Maybe it’ll turn into something special.

Your Thanksgiving dish this season is: Cheesy Cheddar Broccoli Casserole   


PISCES [Feb. 19 to Mar. 20] // This season is an odd time for you. Get ready for a lot of changes. Mostly bad ones, I’m sorry to say. You’re going to go through many ups and downs, but the downs will definitely outweigh the ups. We don’t know what else to tell you. There is some good for some of you, though, because this is also a time where you might feel great without questioning the ways of the world. So, take that into account before thinking the world is out to get you.

Your Thanksgiving dish this season is: Pumpkin Pie


ARIES [Mar. 21 to April 19] // Aries, this is your month to relax and relearn how to have fun. After causing the epidemic at the school last year, you have finally decided to take a chill pill and try not to wreak havoc on everyone within a 50 mile radius of you. Meet some new friends, but maybe not date any of them. This month, you really need to focus on yourself. You have been tornadoing around for the last few months and have forgotten to make yourself happy. Take this month to have some fun and not run around giving everyone a headache. Take a break from being an Aries and chill.

Your Thanksgiving dish this season is: Roasted Citrus & Herb Turkey


TAURUS [April 20 to May 20] // This is your “love” month, Taurus. It’s time for you to get out there and discover what that means. This month, you should go for it and ask that cutie in your math class out. You deserve to find someone that makes you happy, and this month is your best shot. You may be unwilling at first to share so much with another person, but don’t worry, whoever you find will love you for who you are (and will be able to put up with your stubborn behavior). So get out there and have some fun Taurus. You deserve someone who make you happy.

Your Thanksgiving dish this season is: Mashed Potatoes   


GEMINI [May 21 to June 20] // This could be a big month for you, Gemini, so just let it happen. Don’t close people out, no matter what your brain is telling you. Try even more new things, because you’d be surprised as to what is sitting outside of your comfort zone. Starting to feel some Holiday magic in the air? That one’s a given. It’s getting closer and closer to Thanksgiving, which leaves an open opportunity for a Friendsgiving feast, perhaps? You’re the life of the party during this time of year, and since that is the case, consider hosting a party of your own. Your friends will definitely appreciate you.

Your Thanksgiving dish this season is: Corn Casserole


CANCER [June 21 to July 22] // You usually get lost in your own thoughts, but on the contrary, this season, Cancer, you’re totally focused somehow. You’re magically attracting a lot of people this month, somehow? Go take a hike. Literally. You might need some time away from everyone, since you’re somehow insanely popular this month. Write future “Open When” letters to yourself in your cute little journal. You might regret it after this season, but right now, you won’t. Some big decisions are coming your way—mainly concerning what to eat at Thanksgiving.

Your Thanksgiving dish this season is: Caramel-Pecan Apple Pie


LEO [July 23 to Aug. 22] // Like Aries, you have to take a step back and relax this month. This last month has thrown you a few curveballs and, well, you didn’t hit them. But things are looking up for you this month, but you first have to breathe and look at all the good things that are still around you. Yes, you may have lost your English essay and forgot to do your math homework, but at least you’re not a Sagittarius! You recently have been trying to do to many things at once, and its not working out. You gotta relax. Go get a massage and just breathe. You’re life is super stressful right now, and you need a break. Just chill, Leo.

Your Thanksgiving dish this season is: Triple Cranberry Sauce    


VIRGO [Aug. 23 to Sept. 22] // Scorpio season is a hard time for you, Virgos. You’re more than likely to experience some form of heartbreak or life-block due to old memories resonating in the front of your brain. Don’t let them take advantage of you, and attempt to fix them in any way you can. You have a habit of organizing things anyway, so maybe this month, it will be your life. Instead of listening to that urge that’s telling you to stay in bed on Saturday, get up, get dressed, and just go out. Live your life. Live for today. Now, that may sound cliché, but this month, you’re the sign that needs it the most. Appreciate those good moments that pop up and surprise you somehow.

Your Thanksgiving dish this season is: Classic Turkey Gravy


LIBRA [Sept. 23 to Oct. 22] // You have the easiest time during Scorpio season for some reason, and no one can find out why. But, luckily for you, sometime toward the end of the year, or in the beginning of the new one, you’ll end up with a relationship. Maybe? We really don’t know, we’re just going off of where the planets are as of now. Not going to lie, you’re going to have a pretty average season, considering yours just ended. We apologize for a not-so-great horoscope this month, but in all honesty, we have no clue what to tell you. Just live your life and you’ll do fine.

Your Thanksgiving dish this season is: Stuffing