RANTS AND RAVES: Thanksgiving Edition


photo by D. Crickets

George Ivory and Hailey Wachowiak

RANT// While Thanksgiving dinner is bone apple teeth, the prep work can be quite exhausting. Walking into the kitchen is like walking through a minefield. People and food zoom around you as you cower, hoping not to be trampled or curb-stomped by grandma carrying a lean cuisine. Children sneak around your shins, making the likelihood of a face-plant a very real possibility. The living room is equally bad. Finding a seat is impossible as all the uncles yell at the current game on the TV.   ~George


RAVE// One thing I enjoy is stuffing my body full of delicious home-cooked food. First the turkey with tons of gravy. Next, the mashed potatoes with even more gravy. Lastly, every other possible  side, appetizer, and anything within reach that is covered in…….gravy. ~George 


RANT// I love my family dearly, but when it comes to the dinner, politics always finds its way into the conversation. I just want to eat some good food without hearing about who’s messing up the government today. Not to mention that my family and I share different political views. Dinner ends up being more of a fight than a meal.  ~Hailey


RAVE// My family never gets together outside of the holidays, so when Thanksgiving comes along it is great to see my family all in one place. I love how we all get together in the family room and watch the parade and or football games. Especially if it is a Steelers game, then we all don our black and gold and cheer for our team. ~Hailey


RANT// Why does everyone go from Halloween straight to Christmas? I love Christmas with all my heart and go all out for the holiday, but I wait till after Thanksgiving because I acknowledge Thanksgiving as its own thing. If people come to my house for Thanksgiving and they have their Christmas tree up already, they don’t get to eat any of the food. You can’t just expect to get all this delicious turkey and other great foods without acknowledging the holiday. ~Hailey


RAVE// Even though most people feel as if they are about to explode from the large portions food they have eaten, everyone loves desert. As your body goes into a coma from the sheer thought of food, the smell of a freshly made pie brings those gathered back to reality. Adults and children alike muster up the last of their strength in order to partake of the pie.  ~ George