Haiku for Your Thoughts


photo by Roman Hladio

Roman Hladio, Reporter

One of the world’s most distinctive types of poetry, haikus were first created around the 17th century C.E.  They received their name from a Chinese word that means something along the lines of “unfinished poem”.

As a senior who finds himself with an increasing amount of time on his hands, I decided to embark on an expedition to write a very large amount of haikus and submit them to VARIATIONS.  To most people, a lot of haikus might probably mean around ten. To me, it ended up being 15 pages worth. At 5 per page, that’s about 75 haikus, all on a variety of topics.

In honor of National Poetry Month, I’d like to share a few of my favorites.

the Earth might be flat

Mr. Bugel says, “No Way!”

I stand indifferent


my generation

slowly deteriorates

stop playing Fortnite


rays broke through the clouds

I thought, “Could it be spring now?”

a blizzard started


brother’s shouting “FLOB!”

I have no idea why

someone please save me


the sun’s pretty hot

almost 6,000 Kelvin

good for marshmallows


Like I said, this is only a few of many more.  If you’re up for a challenge, try reading some more.  They can be found here.

photo by Cassidy Kufner