NASH Urban Dictionary Volume II

More secret meanings behind the slang heard at NASH


Maria Cima, Reporter

NASH 9–the “golf course” that the gym classes use in the front of the school

Read a book for class–Sparknotes a book 2 periods before the test

Student section–the section of bleachers that students will cheer from during football games

Spring Break–a long weekend in April

Rich kids–the stereotype for students from the Marshall area

November–that one month where we show up for about 6 days total

Homeroom–20 minute cram session

Band Camp–a week in the summer when all the band kids get together and learn the new show for the halftime show during football games

Window–a mythical object that does not exist at NASH

Illegal left–the left out of the back parking lot that if you take it you could get a ticket

Zeb–nickname for Mr. Zebley

Study hall–nap class

Bathroom–do not go there unless you are a plumber

Grassy Knoll–the grassy hill across from the teacher parking lot and behind Moes

Tech Week–the week before the school musical/play where all the actors/tech crew put the show together

After Prom–event that takes place in the NASH cafeteria after the official prom where teachers and parents set up fun activities for kids to do

Super Ghetto–unlike ghetto, this parking lot is located behind the tennis courts opposed to next to it

Honors Study Hall–a class with honors weight that is actually really easy class where you don’t do much

Tigers, Rams, Let’s Go Tigers–Dr. Kreider will say this before important sports games on the PA

Locker Rooms–make sure you lock up your stuff or all of your money will get stolen!