Overheard in the Halls

4th Nine Weeks Edition

Hannah Shiflett and Katie Golden

“Ever since you committed, you’ve been annoying.”


“My teacher told me I was gonna get attacked in class today.”


“Elizabeth Warren is all the colors of the wind.”


“I have verbs, and they ain’t good.”


“I don’t care if I’m going around a bend, if ‘Old Town Road’ is playing, I’m hitting the Woah.”


“Hey, stop making fun of me. You used to be a horse girl, too!”


“Bro, you gotta fill ’em in, bro, you gotta fill ’em in.”


“I wanna take in the smell of adulthood, not Juuls.”


“If I told you guys this presentation was sponsored by Vineyard Vines, would that help?”


“I’m so terrified of a tennis player.”


“She has to go to the basement, and I’m on the second floor!”


“Stop looking at my mother!”


“I’m not being passive aggressive — I’m being aggressive.”


“Knock, knock, I’m coming to your doc.”


“And I love me!”


“You literally only ever drop eggs when I’m around.”


“This is the first time I’ve turned my computer off this year.”


“Guys, it’s chemis-try, not chemis-cry.”


“Oh, word!”


“The whole point of privilege is to abuse it.”


“My feet are so wet. It is like a swamp in my shoes.”


“The section leader list went up, and none of you idiots made it.”


“Take my pin out of your mouth, or so help me I will go in and get it.”