Top 10 Disney Remakes

A closer look into the best Disney live action remakes


Megan Wilson, Staff Writer

Over the past couple of years, Disney has been hard at work creating remakes of their countless older movies to share with the newest generation of Disney viewers. Many of the animated movies previously released have been updated and reproduced as live-action versions of the beloved Disney tales. With the recent release of Disney+, I sat down to watch some of the Disney remakes of timeless classic movies. Here are the ten best Disney remakes, ranked.

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#10 Lady and the Tramp

Personally, I think this movie is better off just being an animated film. The remake has real-life dogs, but their voices and the way they talk ruined the movie for me. The fake talking seems out of place and makes the movie awkward to watch. This movie should have not been redone in the first place, and have stayed in its original, superior animated form. 

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#9 Mary Poppins Returns

In the next spot is Mary Poppins Returns. This newest tale about the Bank’s family is a funny, well-made film. Even though this movie will never be better than the original Mary Poppins, I was pleased to hear some of the original music is in the movie. The new version is a more grown-up version of the movie and lacks some of the movie magic that was part of the original version. Overall, it is still a worthwhile movie to watch with your family.  

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#8 Cinderella 

The remake of the timeless tale of Cinderella ranks eighth on my list. This movie is extremely close to the original. Cinderella even wears a blue gown, like she did in the original. However, this film has been redone way too many times for each one of them to be worthy. Timeless classics like Cinderella should remain in their original format, so each new generation of young viewers can experience the magic of imagining wearing the glass slipper and having pumpkins transform into a carriage right in front of their eyes.

#7 The Jungle Book

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Taking the next spot on my list is The Jungle Book. Even though the plotline is very similar to the original movie, the issues portrayed in the new movie are very serious and make the film lack the lively Disney feel. The original Jungle Book was a brightly-colored animated film that had a sing-along songs placed throughout the movie. Even though the backdrop and location of this movie are breathtaking, this remake should not have been attempted. 

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#6 Dumbo 

Just missing the top-five is Dumbo, coming in at sixth place. The plot of this movie is very similar to the original movie that we all love. Unlike the original, this film does not have any talking animals and focuses more on the human side of the plot. The animated version of the animals in this film are very well done. One of the things wrong with this film is that they change the ending of the original movie, which completely ruins the movie remake. They should have stuck to the original plot and just made some minor updates to the film to make it better suited for the audience.

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#5 Maleficent

Coming in at the number-five spot is Maleficent. I am considering this a remake of the classic, animated Sleeping Beauty, though Maleficent serves as an alternative telling of the backstory to Sleeping Beauty. It was supposed to tell the story that we thought we knew, but I felt that it did not do a great job. The ending left a lot of stories and conflicts unfinished, leaving the audience confused. Other than that, the visual aspects of the film were well done and made the setting look dark and eerie. 

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#4 Beauty and the Beast 

As we reach the top, Beauty and the Beast takes the number four spot. Emma Watson played the main role of Belle alongside Dan Stevens as the Beast, who made this film very good. They stick to the plot of the original film very well. The film’s castle location is breathtaking and the scenery is amazing. The ballroom scene is even more magical than the original. They even add new songs to the score that fits in perfectly with the film. This movie is definitely one that is a worthwhile remake to watch. 

#3 Christopher Robin

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Winnie the Pooh is one of the best Disney classics. They redid the original and it was excellent. Pooh and all of his friends were portrayed perfectly, and the owl looks very realistic. Christopher Robin’s character is played fabulously and the voice acting is outstanding.  They have many breathtaking shots of the Hundred Acre Woods that make this film very worthwhile to watch. 

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#2 Aladdin

Just missing the number-one spot is Aladdin. Disney finally decided to remake one of the best Disney tales ever told. The producers stuck to the original plot and only added a few updates to improve the film. The setting is one of the best aspects of the film. Will Smith does a great job as the genie, even though no one can truly replace the legendary Robin Williams. Overall, this film is very well done and I would suggest watching it. 

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#1 The Lion King 

Earning the number-one spot on this list is The Lion King. This film sticks right to the original film. The setting and the view of Pride Rock are a must-see part of this movie. The animations of the animals are extremely realistic. This was one of the best Disney movies and was given a much-needed update! I highly recommend watching this movie!