2020 Travel Bucketlist

Amazing Places Around the World That You Need to Check Out!

Jordan Atkins, Staff Writer

EdgeWalk (Toronto, Canada)

Image from T Mak World

Live life on the edge and walk the full circle around Toronto’s CN Tower. In this hands-free attraction, you can walk and lean off the 336-meter high platform. This attraction is the first of its kind. Once you are done with outdoor exploration, you can observe the city’s lights from above in the tower’s 360 Restaurant.


Splash Island Water Park (Reduit Beach, St. Lucia)

Image from Saint Lucia Waterpark

An inflatable waterpark lies in the crystal clear waters off the coast of St. Lucia. Between the slides, climbing walls, water trampoline, water volleyball, obstacles, monkey bars, etc., all ages will be entertained. Not only is there fun in the water, there is a resort, spa and a highly rated restaurant called SeaGrapes.


Dune Buggy Ride and Sandboarding (Huacachina, Peru)

Image from Adventure Catcher

There are many things to do at around the Huacachina dunes – plane, boat, and drink tours. The dune tour begins zipping around the warm sands at high speeds in a buggy. For the last half of the tour, the people get to try sandboarding down the dunes.


Ashcombe Maze (Shoreham, Australia)

Image from Atlas Obscura

Forget about corn mazes: try a hedge maze. The Ashcombe Maze has been standing for more than forty years. The hedges stand taller than three meters and are pristine and healthy green. After solving the maze, you can settle down in a highly rated garden cafe.


Bungee Jumping (Silgulda, Latvia)

Image from Tinggly

For all of you Bachelorette fans, this is for you. You can make the forty-three meter fall into the depth of the Gauja National Park, just like Hannah Brown did. The person bungee jumping will take a leap out of a suspended cable car. The jump is a Latvian tradition.


Nike Art Center (Lekki, Nigeria)

Image from Travel Notes

Traditional Nigerian art is on display in the largest art gallery of the four branch museums. There are many sculptures and architecture on display. Along with traditional and modern art, there are also bookstores to purchase other Nigerian creative works.


Dinner in the Sky (Dubai, India)

Image from Dinner in The Sky

This one is pretty self-explanatory. You can eat a classy meal while being held fifty meters above the city of Dubai by a crane. Of course, the diners are strapped into the chairs. Definitely a unique dining experience.


Batu Caves (Selangor, Malaysia)

Image from Culture Trip

Although you will need to climb 272 steps to get to the Batu Caves’ most significant cave, the Temple Cave is worth the leg workout. If you aren’t interested in having sore legs, there are many other caves to explore. The entrances to the Art Gallery Cave and Museum Cave are on ground level. These caves are filled with many Hindu statues and artifacts.


Giant Sequoia Nation Monument (Springville, CA, United States)

Image from Reddit

Next time you are in California, take a ride on the longest natural waterslide. The hike to the top of the waterslide is less than a mile. After that, lie in the water pencil style, and feel it  take you to the bottom.


Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort (Saariselkä, Finland)

Image from Trip Advisor

Have you ever wanted to stay the night in an igloo? This hotel allows its residents to sleep in an igloo under the stars. If you plan your times right, you could even see the Northern Lights. In the winter, you can also go on a reindeer, snow tank, and snowmobile safari. In the summer, you can take a day trip to Inari, go hiking with a husky, and pan for gold.


Giant Crystal Cave (Naica, Mexico)

Image from Travel and Leisure

One thousand feet below the grounds of the Naica Mountain lie the largest natural crystals in the world. The whole cave is covered in gypsum beams. It’s a beautiful site ready to be explored.


Reflective Salt Flats (Uyuni, Bolivia)

Image from Bolivia Travel Site

You cannot come across these remarkable structures in many countries. These Bolivian salt flats are an amazing site and can be toured. The reflective surface makes for great pictures.


Rabbit Island (Ōmishima Island, Japan)

Japan Web Magazine

This one is fairly self-explanatory. Off the southeastern coast of Japan’s main island sits a small mass of land where rabbits run freely. While visiting, you can feed and pet the rabbits that call the beautiful island Ōmishima home.


Tomb of Askia (Gao, Mali)

Image from Freeman Pedia

For over five hundred years, the Tomb of Askia has been standing in Gao. The beautiful tomb like structure was built by Askia Mohamed and is now an interesting place to stop in Mali.


Limit Zero (Huelva, Spain)

Image from Limit Zero

Imagine zipping down a 2,362 ft long zipline: the wind in your hair, butterflies in your stomach, and a smile on your face. Now imagine ziplining into a different country or even crazier, a different time zone. All this can be accomplished at only one place in the World: Limit Zero.


Semuc Champey (Lanquin, Guatemala)

Image from Champagne Roads

With a hike through the luscious surrounding jungle, these beautiful limestone swimming pools can be found. The scenery that outlines the pools is beautiful, and the peaceful sounds of nature will help you relax. Because the is so much to do (swimming, exploring caves, trying to catch fish, etc.) there is no reason to be bored at Semuc Champey.


Imsil Cheese Themepark (Imsil-Gun, South Korea)

Image from Flickr

Believe it or not, most Korean people had not tasted or even heard about cheese until a few decades ago. As a result of the Korean people enjoying and appreciating this delicious use of dairy, the Imsil Cheese Themepark was built. Between cheese making and visiting a science lab devoted to finding the yummiest cheese, you can appreciate the “cheesy” architecture of some of the buildings.


Eden Nature Park (Davao del Sur, Philippines)

Image from Imgur

Have you ever been jealous of E.T. riding on a bike into the sky? Well, this is your opportunity. Eden Nature Park provides many activities like visiting butterfly gardens, a bamboo maze, and hiking trail; the most thrilling and unique activities it has are in the sky. You can ride across wires in the sky on top of a bicycle or in a hamster wheel.


Giraffe Center (Nairobi, Kenya)

Image from Like a Local Guide

The Giraffe Center isn’t just a place where you can feed and pet giraffes. You can also learn plenty of different ways to help the environment. You can learn about and see demonstrations of biomass fuel production, composting, tree planting and care, and waste management.


Sea of Stars (Vaadhoo, Maldives)

Image from Evening Standard

Because of the bioluminescent phytoplankton in the late summer reefs of the Maldives, the water glows in the dark. The best part is it is completely safe to swim in! In fact, the movement of the waves is what causes the plankton to glow like stars.