Life After a Pandemic

The world will be completely changed after the coronavirus pandemic. Here are our predictions for how that will happen.

Life After a Pandemic

Maria Cima and Kendel Barber

While the world has completely transformed in the midst of a pandemic, people have found new ways to live their everyday lives. Most things will go back to “normal” in the near future, and life will continue on, but there is no doubt that some aspects of our daily life will be completely changed in the long run. While only time will confirm what these changes will be, we do have some predictions on what will change.

Face masks and gloves will be more normal  

Now that everyone was required to wear face masks when going to any public place, it may become a more normal practice, along with gloves. Before the pandemic, if we saw someone in public with a face mask, we would automatically assume they were sick, and it would immediately strike our attention. Now, our reactions to face masks have changed, so wearing them will be more normalized. I don’t think most people will continue to wear a mask for protective measures, but surely those who are at-risk or elderly may be more inclined to wear masks and gloves to keep themselves safe, and will not be met with concerned stares anymore. People won’t think anything more than someone keeping themself safe. 

More people will do school from home

While I think the importance of in-person K-12 school is even more prevalent now, colleges and universities will definitely change in regards to going virtual. The cost of higher education has been steadily increasing over the past years at completely unreasonable rates, and something eventually has to end the excessive prices. I think that the pandemic will be just that thing. Now that everyone was forced to try online school, more people will consider the option long-term. There’s less of a push to pay extra money to go to a fancy campus for college since more people have been exposed to the idea that online school can give you the same education. Especially for low-income students, the cost of in-person college will simply not be worth it anymore. 

More people will work from home 

Similar to online school, working virtually from home is simply cheaper. Of course, some professions will never be able to go online, but office workers will likely be at-home workers in the near future. Businesses will no longer need to buy or rent office space, saving the company money and allowing people to work from home. Many people actually enjoy working from home, because it provides some freedom to work in new ways tailored to each individual. Meetings can easily be held virtually, and conservations with co-workers can simply be over the phone, so it makes sense for companies to save money by not providing a workspace. Any other minor inconveniences will soon be solved with the expansion of technology. 

More things will be virtual 

We’ve had the technological ability to meet and collaborate online for many years, but before the pandemic, it was mostly used for personal enjoyment. We have all forced to conduct meetings over the computer to have any social interaction with anyone other than our immediate family. Online interaction is simply easier and more accessible to people. This could completely change the way people meet up – even in the government. If Congress moves to virtual meetings, or the cabinet, or any other organizations of the government, decisions will likely be made much faster, and it could increase the efficiency of the government.

Airlines and other public transportation will maintain social distancing

Busses and airlines are notoriously known for the close proximity in which people are standing/sitting. Even now Allegiant airlines seats everyone in every other seat, regardless if they are family or strangers. I believe that precautions like this will continue and become the new norm if not only for the next couple of months but years. As to public transportation such as busses or taxi cabs, it is hard to say what will happen. I do not believe that they will go entirely extinct but I do believe there will be a capacity limit on busses and cabs will have to constantly be cleaning their cars after people leave. 

Prices of cleaning products will spike

There are two reasons why I believe that cleaning prices will spike. The first is that everyone is constantly worried about germs and staying clean, and will be buying lots of soap and cleaning detergent. The second reason being that with everyone constantly at home, there really isn’t that much else to do than clean. Many people have already started rearranging rooms and deep cleaning to stay busy and if quarantine continues in any sort of way then more and more people will probably participate in the crazy “corona cleaning” causing the demand for cleaning products to go up, forcing the prices to rise as well.

Credit cards and Venmo will eradicate cash

While it is known that Corona is an airborne disease, people are still trying to limit the amount of contact they have with other people to as little as possible. I think that this will lead to cash being used less and credit cards or online payment methods such as Venmo or PayPal becoming more relevant.

Online shopping and businesses will start to boom

In the past, shopping in shopping malls has been preferred to shopping online. People enjoyed going to the store and being able to see items of interest in person and try them on. However, due to COVID-19, this has become impossible, and shoppers have been forced to turn to online shopping. I myself used to hate online shopping, but I now find myself turning on my computer to visit American Eagle at any free moment. Not only will online shopping of major brands continue, but small online businesses will also start to flourish. Many people now find themselves with either less money than usual from lack of work or more than usual for lack of buying what used to be everyday objects (coffee, makeup ect). People are now searching for stores where they can get a lot of bang for their buck and have found it in small businesses. Small businesses are trying to get on their feet so they will often be holding sales and have quality products for cheaper costs.