Vast Explorations of the Detective Conan series


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The Title art of the Detective Conan series

June Kim, Staff Writer

Within the Detective Conan series, there are vast, endless amounts of mysteries that occur. The anime series has already reached over 1000 episodes in total, with each episode showcasing either a new and different type of murder case or fun plotlines where the characters mess around together. Other times, they realize that the case they were chasing was just a misunderstanding. 

The story of Detective Conan revolves around a high school detective named Kudo Shinichi. He solves countless amounts of cases of murder and suicide. One day while at an amusement park with his childhood friend and love interest Ran Mouri, another disappearance occurs inside of a rollercoaster. After solving the case, the two begin to head home, when Shinichi spots a man in black carrying a briefcase and running to a dark alley. This person was also caught up in the rollercoaster case, and Shinichi had thought he and his companion (also in black and a black hat) had the gaze of a cold murderer. 

Shinichi chases after the man, telling Ran to go home ahead of him. He creeps around the corner, quietly observing the guy. The man in black was with another person doing some sort of illegal transaction. But because Shinichi had lowered his guard, he didn’t notice another guy approaching from behind and was hit in the head with a bat. The men feed Shinichi a new poison that their criminal organization created and leave him to die. After Shinichi black outs from the pain, he wakes up to find out he’s been turned into a 1st grader. Shinichi, who now hides behind the name of Edogawa Conan, begins to solve countless cases in order to get closer and closer to the organization who turned him into Conan.

Many argue that the series itself is becoming more and more bland each week due to the fact that it’s been going on for so long without a proper ending. However, the show still contains its charms and entertainment. Although there are over 1000 episodes, each one feels fresh and not repetitive. 

An additional charm of the Detective Conan series resides in its characters and setting.

Aside from Shinichi and Ran, we have the professor, Hiroshi Agasa., who creates unique gadgets for Conan to use to solve cases. The best known of these devices are the stun watch and the voice-changing necktie. These two devices create the sleeping detective, Kogoru, who is Ran’s father but an extremely lousy detective. Conan uses the watch to stun him, and then uses the necktie to change his voice to Kogoru’s to solve cases. 

Other well-known characters are the detective boys, consisting of Ai Haibara, Ayumi Yoshida, Genta Kojima, Mitsuhiko Tsuburaya, as well as Conan himself. Haibara is a 19 year old who changes into a kid after taking the drug, similar to Shinichi. She was one of the people who worked to create the drug itself in the organization, going under the code name Sherry. It’s later revealed that Haibara escaped from the organization after her older sister was killed by them, which is the reason she took the medicine. There is a host of other characters that are explored throughout the series, such as the police, intelligence agents, and so many others. 

So is the Conan series really worth watching,? If you love thriller mysteries and romance, this series is the perfect choice for you. Even if you aren’t a huge fan of the mystery genre, the sheer beauty of the world building, characters, and backstories can captivate viewers not interested in mystery in the slightest.