Keeping Up With Kenzie

Mackenzie Volpe, varsity cheerleader and manager of the North Allegheny Gymnastics Team, takes on NASH alongside her mother, Mrs. Volpe.

Lauren Lentz, Staff Writer

How long ago did you begin cheerleading?

I started cheer in second or third grade, so about nine years ago.

What’s your biggest challenge in cheer?

I struggle with tumbling a lot because it’s really a mental thing. You have to get past the mental blocks of flipping backwards in order to be good at that. 

What do you do as the Gymnastics Team Manager?

I do a lot of the behind-the-scenes stuff, and my goal is to make it easier for our coach to coach. During meets, I’ll be the announcer, I’ll keep scores, I’ll talk to the judges, if that ever needs to happen, and I also run our social media page.

Do you have any goals for this school year?

I’m hoping to keep a good balance between my social life, cheerleading, and all the other clubs I do, and my grades, while also trying not to spread myself too thin.

What are your opinions on NASH?

Well, I like NASH. I like it for the teachers, and I think that is what makes the school culture good. I don’t like the building. I like natural light a lot, and we don’t get any of that in here.

What is your favorite subject in school?

I think this one has changed through the years, but it’s probably Spanish this year, either that or anatomy.

What is your least favorite subject in school, and why?

AP Calculus BC. My mom teaches it, and it’s awful! I enjoy the stuff we’re learning and I like trying to understand it, but it is so difficult.

How does it feel to know your mom is inside the building?

Going back to what I just said, obviously having her in class is really hard, but it’s nice having someone you can go to in the building who you know is always going to be there. It’s a lot easier because I don’t have to make that bond this year — it’s already there.

What are you most excited about for your junior year?

I’m excited for football games. We already started those, but they’re always so much fun and I love cheering at them.

Are you a member of any clubs?

I’m the President of the Social Justice Club, I am in the Key Club, and I am a part of Project Water.