The Start of the End

With the start of the last quarter, many NASH students have contrasting thoughts and feelings.


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As juniors like Spencer Liberto work hard to finish up the school year, seniors, such as Ella Cullen and Jenny Li, are now taking a more relaxed approach.

Lauren Lentz, Staff Writer

The 4th quarter is underway, and with only a month and a half until summer break, NASH students are conflicted about how they should feel. While reminiscing about the school year, many are interested in what the future holds for them, especially the seniors. 

But juniors and seniors are having notably different thoughts now that the final stretch of the 2022-23 school year is here.

“I feel kind of sad since my friends and I all graduate and next year I start college, but I am glad that I won’t have to deal with getting in and out of the parking lot in the morning and after school anymore,” senior Yuvan Suresh said. “I also feel very happy that I won’t have to swim in gym class anymore.”

Junior Hanseung Oh stated, “I feel like I have lost all motivation. At this point, I am just really tired and want school to end.”

Many students have goals for this last quarter. However, the goals that seniors and juniors have set for themselves are slightly different from each other. 

“My main goal is to just finish the school year and make as many memories as possible before it is over,” senior Alexis Whipple stated. “I need to try to keep my grades up too and still pass all my classes, even though I am already committed to a college.” 

Junior Ariana Schiller said that her goal is to keep up her grades as well, hopefully ending the school year with a GPA that is above 4.0. She also emphasized that she wants to have an overall “better balance” with everything pertaining to her school work and after-school activities. 

Many juniors and seniors also have some worries for this last quarter of the school year.

Junior Faith Boring said, “I’m mostly worried about procrastinating on my work because I am really looking forward to summer break and going on vacation.”

However, senior Evan Lentz said, “I am not really worried about anything. I am already committed to a college and I feel like I have everything under control. If anything, though, I am worried about what will happen after this last quarter ends.”

Overall, seniors and juniors at NASH have quite a few differences in their thoughts and feelings towards the last nine weeks of the school year. Whether it be thoughts on grades or just feeling worried about the future after the quarter ends, it is only the beginning of the last and fastest nine weeks of the 2022-23 school year.