The Summer before Senior Year

Rising seniors have a daunting year ahead, but not before the exciting upcoming summer.


Aris Pastor

The summer before senior year can be fun not only abroad, but also within Pittsburgh’s city limits.

Greta Mott, Staff Writer

The last summer kids can enjoy being kids occurs before senior year. All the high school graduates are shopping for college dorms and planning for orientation. The stress of entering a new environment is daunting. Rising seniors need to make the most of their last summer before entering the real world.


1. Drive in movies

Most juniors have their driver’s licenses by this point and have the majority of their first summer being able to go wherever they want.  What is better than getting together with friends on a warm summer night and watching a childhood classic? Dependable Drive-In Theater in Moon is my personal favorite.  It has great food and picture quality.

2. Late night ice cream runs

Although it may sound basic, ice cream runs transform to another level when as it gets later in the day. Picking up friends with all the windows down and blasting this summer’s top hits as the sun is setting creates a surreal experience. Graeter’s stays open until 10 pm, which is later than most local ice cream shops.

3. Trampoline parks

Although it is nice to be outside, Pittsburgh can be a bit rainy. On days when it is best to stay inside, trampoline parks are a great place to feel like a kid again. Urban Air has day tickets and membership passes. Soaring around on a zip-line or front flipping into foam pits allows kids to still be active inside and have a good time.

4. Picnic with friends or family

The only thing better than a sunny day is eating food. So why not combine the two? Preparing all your favorite foods and picking a beautiful location are all you need to have a successful picnic. You can invite friends or family. It might be nice to spend a little time with your family because, before you know it, you will be off to college.

5. Amusement park

For those who enjoy adrenaline rushes, amusement parks are a great activity for the summer. Kennywood is the local amusement park most people have been to. It has lots of games and roller coasters. If you are looking for rides that are a bit more advanced, Cedar Point is the amusement park for you. It is located in Ohio, but who doesn’t love a little road trip with best friends?

6. Camping

Most teenagers enjoy sleepovers. Over the summer, you can take them up a notch by going outside. Whether it’s in a park or just in a backyard, pitching a tent and stargazing makes for a beautiful night.

7. Outdoor concerts

The Pavilion at Star Lake is a charming outdoor venue located in Burgettstown, PA. Driving down with some friends and watching one of your favorite artists on a warm summer night as the sun sets is the dream.

8. Night swim

If you are lucky enough to have a pool or be friends with someone who has a pool, night swims are a necessity. Buy glow sticks and lots of late-night snacks to elevate the experience. Splashing around all night reminds teenagers of childhood.

9. Technology cleanses

Social media can be very fun, from making Tik Toks with friends or just taking pictures downtown, but ditching the phone can be very beneficial. There are many outdoor activities to do in the summer without cell phones.  Cleansing even for just one day will allow one to appreciate nature and the little things in life.

10. Watching the sunrise

Start your day off right by waking up early with your friends and going outside. Most people see the summer as an opportunity to sleep in until 11 am but miss out on a delightful view. Seeing the sunrise allows you to relax your mind and maybe even take a cool picture.


The summer before senior year is teenagers’ last true time to enjoy their adolescents, so make the most of it and try new things.