Is the Crash Worth the Cash?

Bigger isn't always better


photo by George Ivory

George Ivory, Reporter

There are many who aspire to obtain luxuries. Jewelry, mansions, yachts, private jets, and flashy cars are all items that people strive to possess at one point in their lives.

For many high schoolers, luxury and privilege has a direct association with the automobile.. Of course, a decent majority of the vehicles driven by NASH students are typically the ones seen during an everyday commute. Some of these cars and trucks have had modifications by their owner to achieve a certain goal or look. But a select few of the vehicles driven to NASH are unmistakably high end in terms of performance or luxury — and that’s not a smart idea..

It is safe to assume that the majority of students received their driver’s license in recent years. Yet it is also safe to assume that they are not as experienced and capable to react to certain situations. Not being able to react properly can lead to an accident, which will most certainly damage the cars involved. If the car is the typical, basic motorized vehicle that most students drive, then the pain of damaging the car will not be felt as much as it would with an expensive car.

Needless to say, not everyone is perfect. You could be the most cautious driver on the road — the driver who drives 15 mph below the speed limit, the driver who burns out their brakes because they cannot take their foot off of it, and finally, the driver who adapts their body not to blink in order to prevent anyone from taking them by surprise — but still get in an accident. While you may be a talented driver, others around you may not be so perfect. There will always be the bad driver who drives like they are constantly being tased for doing the right thing on the road. And while there are ways to avoid these characters, there are situations that are not as easy to avoid.

But while numerous dangers lie on the road, some of the most unexpected dangers lie in the parking lots. Even parking away from others won’t protect the premium from any imminent dangers. There will always be the dangers of getting your door slammed by another’s car door, there will always be the danger of someone backing into your parked car, and there will always be the danger of menacing birds scouting above for their next target.

While it is safe to assume that most drivers of higher-end and delicate cars drive especially carefully, there will be the special few who cannot get enough of the power their car has to offer. This, as any person can see, can very well lead to a fender bender — perhaps even no fender at all, depending on how fast they are driving. In this situation, it is better to cut your losses and consider if crashing your fancy car will be worth it compared to the typical car.

When starting something new, it is always a good idea to start slowly. Do not rush, assuming that you have mastered a practice by simply looking on from a distance. When put in control, any and all actions performed by you will have consequences. Coming to the conclusion that you are perfect at something only proves that you still have a lot to learn.

So, when learning to drive, start slowly because any other approach will only lead to giant problems.