Wacky National Holidays: April

Megan Wilson and Abby Pingpank

April 1st –National Walking Day

Since we are all stuck in quarantine with nothing to do, we might as well go on a walk. It is a great source of exercise and it gets you out of your house for some fresh air. 


April 2nd — National Burrito Day

Burritos are great on any day, but they are especially enjoyable on National Burrito Day. Add all the ingredients you want and don’t forget the side of chips and guac. Chipotle still open get it for take-out, so support a local business and get some burritos! 


April 3rd — National Find a Rainbow Day 

Most of us have nothing better to do than to go out and find a rainbow. Maybe you’ll even find a pot of gold at the end of one. They are a rare sight to see, but they will instantly brighten up your day!


April 5th — National Deep-Dish Pizza Day

Deep-Dish pizza is one of the best types of pizza out there. You can add all of your favorite toppings and enjoy the delicious layers of crispy crust. Have a pizza and game night with your family on this national holiday!


April 6th — National Student-Athlete Day 

This is the day to recognize all of the amazing student-athletes in your life. If you know a senior that is missing out on time to play their beloved sport, call them to tell them how much you appreciate them. 


April 10th — National Hug Your Dog Day

Your furry best friend deserves a hug once and a while. This is the day to give your dog a bunch of hugs and kisses, take them on an extra-long walk, or even give them an extra treat. Give them the love they deserve!


April 12th — National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day 

Who wouldn’t want a bite of some gooey cheesy goodness? The simple pairing of delicious bread and the cheese of your choice makes for a delicious meal. Don’t forget to pair it with some chips or crunchy snacks!


April 16th — National High Five Day 

This is the day to give your family members or even your dog a high five. Everyone enjoys getting one. Give someone a compliment and accompany it with a high five. It’ll go a long way!


April 22nd — National Jelly Bean Day

Are you still in the Easter Spirit? Do you love those small beans full of sugar that you get every spring? Today you can load up on sugar and eat all of the jelly beans you want. Big or small, a jelly bean is a jelly bean. You can even make it more interesting by hiding them around your house and going on another hunt for them!  


April 23rd — National Picnic Day 

All you need is a blanket, a basket, some food, and hopefully some nice weather to celebrate this holiday. Take your special someone, a family member, or some friends to the park and have a nice meal outside. Since we are in quarantine you may not be able to go far, but the backyard always works too. Just remember to stay six feet apart.


April 24th — National Pigs in a Blanket Day 

This food seems to be at every barbeque or sports party. Pigs in a blanket are mini hot dogs wrapped in a puff pastry dough. If you haven’t had them in a while, today is the day to make these little bites of deliciousness and eat them!!


April 26th — National Pretzel Day 

Pretzels are one of the best snacks to ever exist. You can enjoy them crunchy, soft, or maybe even with cheese. Today is the day to carb-up on all the pretzels you can. Have a pretzel roll, eat Pretzel Goldfish, or maybe even Pretzel M&M’s.


April 28th — National Superhero Day 

Superman, Batman, Spiderman. No matter who your favorites are, geek out and spend some time with some superheroes. Dress up, watch a movie, or read a comic book, but make sure to dedicate some time to your favorite heroes. 


April 29th — International Dance Day 

Are you a good dancer? No? That doesn’t matter today. You should get out, have fun, and let loose. Dance your heart out with any type of dance that your heart desires.


April 30th — National Honesty Day

Have you been keeping a tiny secret from somebody? Have you been hiding something you totally should not have been? Well, today is the day you should tell them. Come clean and tell people all of the stuff that you have been hiding from them.