2020 in Six Words

The Uproar staff reflects on what they’ve taken away from a turbulent year in their own six-word memoirs.


photo courtesy of Envato Elements

While reflecting on such a stressful year, it’s crucial to identify some meaningful lessons.

The past twelve months presented us, and the world at large, with immense obstacles, but they also taught us some very important lessons. Here’s what The Uproar staff learned from 2020.


What’s meant to be, will be.

Don’t try hard for other people.

True friends will stick with you.

Both parties hate all of us.

TikTok controls all trends- very addicting.

Nothing is permanent, everything is meaningful.

All people deserve to be loved.

Masks cause and cover my acne.

Check WiFi router before every class.

To be thankful for every moment.

What and who are truly essential.

A lot of people are selfish.

World is one screwed up place.

Me not being okay is okay.

Your life could always be worse.

You will hurt, you will heal.

How to be still and listen.

Only I can help myself grow.

Online School doesn’t equal No School.

Patience, sacrifices need to be made.

Adapting to new normals is essential.

Resilience can come in many forms.

Everyone is fighting the same battle.

People are judging, but who cares?

Life can sometimes be very bittersweet.

Kindness and hope will always prevail.

Importance of Christmas lights and perseverance.

People are temporary that is okay.

Good mindset makes bad situations better.