Teeing It Up

Golf has recently emerged as a popular hobby for many NASH students.


J.D. Cuban/Golf Digest

at Rustic Canyon Golf Course in Moorpark, CA on Sunday May 3, 2020.

Flynn McGurrin, Staff Writer

Before COVID-19 struck the United States, NASH Junior Tyler Barcia had never considered playing golf. However, while stuck in quarantine, Barcia picked up the hobby in order to fill his extra downtime.

“I had never played golf before COVID hit last March. I was bored one day, so I tried out golf. I’ve been hooked ever since,” he said.

The game of golf is often thought of as an old man’s game. However, many high school students have begun to pick the sport up as a hobby during the age of COVID-19. With normal activities being shut down, many looked to golf as a safe, outdoor activity to keep them busy.

“The golf courses were really the only thing open when COVID hit, so I started to play a lot more”, said junior Dom Obarto. “I’ve been playing golf since the summer of 2019, but I’ve been playing a lot more in the past year, and I’ve gotten a lot better at it.” 

Junior Cameron Fries has also become more interested in golf over the past year.

“I’ve technically been playing golf for my whole life, but I would only play a couple times a year. I’ve definitely started to play more in the past year,” said Fries.

NASH isn’t the only place where more and more people are getting into golf. The average number of golf rounds played in the US increased by about 20 percent during the summer of 2020.

Also, Youth On Course, an organization that gives kids access to thousands of golf courses nationwide, saw an astounding increase in rounds played by 76 percent last year compared to 2019. With all this newfound interest in golf among the younger generations, one question is on the minds of many. Why?

“I have a ton of friends who also play golf, so it’s a great way to get out and spend time with them,” Barcia said. “It’s also a great way to relax and escape all of the stress that comes with school and everyday life.”

Fries added, “It’s just something I do when I get bored, and it’s a good way to pass time when I need something to do.”

However, for Obarto, the game has given him much more.

“I have ADHD, so being able to get outside in nature and relax really helps me calm down and stay focused,” he said. “It has helped me a lot with my ADHD and allows me to hang out with my friends for a few hours.”

While NASH students who play golf all have a different reason for playing, There is no doubt that the sport has helped many NA students through this strange time. The best part of golf, however, may be its longevity.

“It’s a game you can play and enjoy literally until you die, so I’m glad I got into it when I did,” Obarto said.