Pittsburghesque Prom Pictures

In need of a place to take Prom group pictures this Saturday? Take a look at some of the best locations in the city.


Kat Klinefelter

The bridges of Pittsburgh and the lights of PNC Park during sunset.

Camryn Gray, Arts and Entertainment Editor

Prom week has arrived. 

NA’s Senior Prom will once again be held in the David L. Lawrence Convention Center, giving many students the opportunity to take pictures downtown. All other NASH dances are held on NA property which does not allow students to take pictures in the city of Pittsburgh without having to rush to make it back to NASH in time. 

Pittsburgh is a picturesque city with many great locations for Prom pictures. The bridges, skyline, scenery, and architecture leave students with many opportunities to capture the memorable moments just before the night begins.

Mount Washington is one of the most popular spots for prom pictures. Mount Washington overlooks the rivers and the Pittsburgh skyline. It is possible to run into other groups here, so students have the opportunity to take pictures with many of their peers not in their Prom group.

Point State Park is another great spot to take Prom pictures. Although the park may get crowded on Prom day, there is plenty of room to spread out due to the large size of the park. The fountain, the river, the view of Acrisure Stadium, Carnegie Science Center, and more can make a great backdrop for pictures. 

A few miles away from the Convention Center is the University of Pittsburgh campus. The campus offers many beautiful spots for pictures, especially the Cathedral of Learning. The view in front of the Cathedral of Learning offers an excellent picture location. Heinz Chapel is also just across the field from the Cathedral and can also make a great backdrop for Prom pictures.

Also located in Oakland, Phipps Conservatory is an ideal spot for beautiful photos. Students can take pictures outside of the conservatory, and the inside includes displays of flowers and greenery if Prom group members are willing to pay the entrance fee.

Grandview Park is another great location for Prom pictures due to its greenery and skyline views. The park is located near Mt. Washington and offers great views to make any Prom picture even more memorable. 

It is important to plan ahead for pictures, mostly due to weather conditions and potential for crowds. Students should bring jackets, umbrellas, or anything else as a preventative measure to make pictures a breeze, and patience is a must, as other schools in the area, including North Hills, are holding their dances on the same night.

With tables reserved, outfits planned and purchased, and the countdown to the big night now underway, the 2023 Senior Prom is on the minds of the NASH senior class. The dinner, dance, DJ, and all the excitement are sure to make Prom night memorable for years to come.