A Game to Remember

NASH students weigh in on this Sunday’s Super Bowl game


photo courtesy of The Los Angeles Times

Tom Brady, the quarterback from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers showed next to Patrick Mahomes, the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback.

Maddie Harris, Staff Writer

This year’s NFL season was full of new rules, sudden changes, and tons of uncertainty, but the end is finally in sight.

The 55th Super Bowl is set to occur this Sunday, February 7th, in Tampa, Florida, where the Kansas City Chiefs and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will fight it out for the win. During the regular season, the Chiefs’ record stands at 16-2, while the Buccaneers’ is at 14-5. 

The Super Bowl event always captures the attention of a variety of viewers for numerous reasons, many of which do not involve the playing of the game itself. Football is certainly a very popular game in America, but the commercials during the game also add to the entertainment. Companies go all out for a thirty-second spot, hoping to catch the eyes and wallets of Americans form shore to shore.

Another big focus of attention during the game is the extravagant halftime performances. This year, The Weeknd will be performing during the halftime show, drawing in his fans to view the game as well.

Though the two teams have yet to compete, the rivalry is already vigorous.

“I think the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will win the Super Bowl,” junior Erik Bloomquist said. “When the two teams faced off in week twelve, Kansas City only defeated Tampa by three points. Since then, Kansas City’s offense has started to slow down, while Tampa is playing their best football of the season. Tampa Bay also had the eighth-ranked pass rush in the league, which will be a nightmare for the Chiefs’ offensive line. I believe this game will be decided upfront—if the Buccaneers can get through the Chiefs’ bandaged offensive line, they will win the Super Bowl.”

Although Bloomquist is confident in his prediction, others believe Kansas City will continue their winning streak. 

“I think that the Chiefs will absolutely dominate in this year’s Super Bowl,” junior Alex Galbiati said. “I’ll root for the Chiefs because they have a growing talent in Patrick Mahomes that is unmatched all throughout the NFL.”

Due to the pandemic, this year’s Super Bowl will look different than it has in previous years, affecting the players as well as the fans who hoped to go watch the game in person. Many will not be able to attend, and those who do will have certain rules and regulations to follow, changing the atmosphere of the game itself.

“Crowd energy is normally a huge factor in the Super Bowl. A shortage of fans will certainly decrease the energy in the stadium, but it may allow the players to concentrate better and communicate more effectively,” Bloomquist explained. “In some stadiums, like the Superdome in New Orleans, the fans can be so loud that the players on the field can’t even talk to each other.”

Even though the energy from the fans will be minimized this year, the game itself should remain the same in the players’ determination and ability to play the game as a team.

“Game play will not differ, but the noise from the crowd cheering on the players will be greatly decreased,” junior Isabella Dietz noted.

A much greater percentage of the audience will be viewing the game from the comfort of their own homes this year, whether they had plans to go out or not.

“In the past, I used to always go to big Super Bowl parties. Because of the pandemic, I’ll probably hang out with my family or just a few close friends,” explained senior Lily Courville.

Although in-person viewing plans will change, the overall nature of the American tradition remains the same. 

“I will still be eating some hotdogs with ketchup and watching the halftime show just like every year,” Galbiati described.

Not every viewer of the game is as interested in the game itself as they are other aspects of the event, such as the halftime show or the commercials. Many viewers find enjoyment outside of the game itself, simply spending time with family and friends.

“My favorite part of Super Bowl Sunday is the commercials—unless the Steelers are in it, of course,” Dietz explained.

Dietz is not the only one who is a fan of the popular Super Bowl commercials.

“The commercials are the best part, no doubt,” Courville said confidently.

Sometimes, however, the best part of the game is those you enjoy it with.

“My favorite part of Super Bowl Sunday is sitting jubilantly in front of the TV with my dad and just having a great time watching the greatest show on turf,” Galbiati said.

Bloomquist, however, feels that the Super Bowl is a much larger aspect of American culture.

“My favorite part of Super Bowl Sunday is the excitement the game brings,” he said. “The Super Bowl is the most popular single-game athletic event in the world and for a good reason. One single game decides who will be the champion, unlike other sports where tournament rounds are played in series. One big play, which can happen at any moment, can completely change the outcome of the game.”

No matter where you are enjoying this year’s game or who you are enjoying it with, this year’s Super Bowl will definitely be entertaining in one way or another. Whether you are looking forward to the halftime performance, the hilarious commercials, or the season-ending game, you are surely in for a great evening this Sunday.