The Student Voice of North Allegheny Senior High School

The Uproar

The Student Voice of North Allegheny Senior High School

The Uproar

The Student Voice of North Allegheny Senior High School

The Uproar

Maddie Harris

Maddie Harris, Arts & Entertainment Editor

Maddie Harris is a senior at NASH this year. She plans on studying Journalism at West Virginia University in the fall. Outside of the classroom, Maddie is an avid volunteer at her church, teaching young kids and singing for the choir. Maddie also enjoys spending time with her friends and her five cats, taking photos of the world around her, and playing Candy Crush.

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As NASH seniors prepare to bid North Allegheny farewell, they have one more nostalgic stop on the way.

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Maddie Harris, Arts and Entertainment Editor May 24, 2022

This Wednesday, as part of the activities that the district has planned for seniors who graduate in less than a week, the Class of 2022 will revisit their elementary schools. This “Walk Back in Time”...

This beautiful sunset from our hotel ended our second day in Sedona. I am a sunset enthusiast, so I was absolutely blown away by the aray of hues in the sky this night. One of my favorite pictures I have ever taken.

To the Canyon

Maddie Harris, Arts and Entertainment Editor April 29, 2022

A large part of our society judges a person based on their outer appearance, completely disregarding the qualities that lie within.

Opinion: Self-expression, by other means

Maddie Harris, Arts and Entertainment Editor April 21, 2022

The other day I was walking through the hallway to my next class when I ran into a friend of mine. Upon greeting her, I noticed that had gotten her nose pierced, or so I thought. When I asked her about...

Good Vibrations

Good Vibrations

Maddie Harris, Arts and Entertainment Editor March 30, 2022

A couple of months ago, I walked into a Barnes and Noble for the first time in many years. It slipped my mind for quite some time that bookstores existed, which is a crazy thought. I was headed there on...

While Womens History Month teaches us very important lessons, these lessons should be common knowledge and not highlighted one month a year.

Opinion: My Issue with Women’s History Month — from a Woman’s Perspective

Maddie Harris, Arts and Entertainment Editor March 22, 2022

The other night I took a trip to Target to shop for items that I certainly don’t need (as one does). I turned left past the dollar section, headed towards the back of the store, past the card section....

Times Square, on our way to the theater last weekend.

If I can make it there…

Maddie Harris, Arts and Entertainment Editor March 4, 2022

Life as of late has been anything but exciting in my opinion. Awaiting college responses, trudging through senior year and the slush in the NASH parking lot just isn’t cutting it anymore. So, when my...

The main lot next to the athletic entrance is usually the first to fill up.

The Search for a Spot

Maddie Harris, Arts and Entertainment Editor February 25, 2022

For students, one of the most anticipated changes from NAI to NASH is the possibility of saying goodbye to early mornings on the school bus. For licensed juniors and seniors who have purchased NASH parking...

As college acceptances and graduation draws nearer, the feeling of senioritis begins to take the senior class by storm.

Opinion: The Senior Sickness

Maddie Harris, Arts and Entertainment Editor February 22, 2022

I think I can vouch for most seniors when I say that most of us have experienced some periods of senioritis throughout our last year of high school, especially now that the second semester is upon us....

The wheel of this car, photographed by Matt Harmon, inspired the bands name. Harmons photo is the cover art for the groups upcoming EP Superstar.

On The Road to Stardom

Maddie Harris, Arts and Entertainment Editor January 19, 2022

Among many other things, I would like to consider myself a music enthusiast. I pride myself in my music taste, though I am not very picky when it comes to genre--I listen to anything from Sam Hunt to Megan...

A Hidden Town of Holiday Cheer

A Hidden Town of Holiday Cheer

Maddie Harris, Arts and Entertainment Editor December 20, 2021

If you are a teenager, such as myself, living in a not-so-large town like McCandless, you probably get bored of the surrounding stores and locations every once in a while. There gets to be a point where...

Madeline, her grandfather Bob, and her brother spending quality time together.

Forever Thankful

Maddie Harris, Arts and Entertainment Editor November 24, 2021

I remember the moment like it was yesterday. The moment when my world shattered, and one shattered piece would never again return to its rightful place. My mom called the family into the kitchen for...

The Senior Staff Officers are working together as a family to ensure the best senior year possible for the Class of 22.

At the Front of the Class

Maddie Harris, Arts and Entertainment Editor November 8, 2021

As the NA class of ‘22 embarks on the second quarter of their senior year, the three most cherished events of the year -- Senior Banquet, Prom, and commencement -- may feel as if they reside in the distant...

As seniors walk the halls of NASH, questions of college and their future are seemingly unavoidable.

Oh, (the Questions about) the Places You’ll Go!

Maddie Harris, Arts and Entertainment Editor October 13, 2021

It was 7:19 on a Monday morning, and I was walking to my first period class with one of my fellow classmates. It was early enough as it was (my mind is not up to speed until around 10 at the earliest,...

2021 Drum Majors Sara Weller, Erik Bloomquist, and Abby Witherel are rockin and rollin into Marching Band season.

Three in One

Maddie Harris, Arts and Entertainment Editor October 6, 2021

The bell rings Friday afternoon at 2:15, and students eagerly head for the NASH doors to begin their weekend. However, seniors Erik Bloomquist, Abby Witherell, and Sara Weller have different plans. They...

NA senior Marko Kosanovich helps lead the NA boys team to victory during Saturdays tournament.

Making a Splash

Maddie Harris, Arts and Entertainment Editor September 16, 2021

It’s 7:30 on Saturday morning, the 11th of September, and junior Mikayla Tieppo is making her way to NASH bright and early, most likely before her peers in school are awake. It is a big day for her and...

Generation Z taking to the streets, demanding for their voice to be heard.

The Fight for Our Right

Maddie Harris, Arts and Entertainment Editor September 7, 2021

The year 2021 has internationally presented its fair share of challenges and obstacles. Generation Z, in particular, has had to endure some of the hardest years of their lives during the COVID-19 pandemic....

As the 2021 Safari yearbook showcases, it was a different year, but it was not without its fair share of excitement and rewards.

Junior Reflections

Maddie Harris, Staff Writer June 10, 2021

As the North Allegheny junior class enters into their last week of school, the class as a whole is reflecting on the entirety of the year they have just endured. The bright, sunny weather and opening of...

Benjamin Swihart

Up Close: A Night at Newman

Maddie Harris, Staff Writer May 28, 2021

The NASH Orchestra rehearses for a Night at Newman.

At Last, the Performance is On

Maddie Harris, Staff Writer May 25, 2021

Note: This event was postponed to Thursday, May 27 As the all too familiar ringing of the school bell sounds through the halls, it is time for junior Erik Bloomquist to head to his band class, where...

This sunset North Park offers people the chance to relax, unwind, and enjoy the moment.

The Meaning of Sunsets

Maddie Harris, Staff Writer April 30, 2021

Life as we now know it is full of ups and downs; nothing is seemingly constant in this ever-changing world. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, our old lives seem so far behind us. However, although it doesn’t...

Olivia Rodrigo shocks the world for the second time in 2021, releasing her second single from her upcoming album.

A Review of “Deja Vu”

Maddie Harris, Staff Writer April 13, 2021

After her hit single "Driver’s License" took the world by storm in January, Olivia Rodrigo stepped up to the plate and delivered us her second single, entitled "Deja Vu." Released mere months after "Driver’s...

Lara Jean Covey and Peter Kavinsky dance the night away at their final high school prom together before their new lives begin.

For the Rest of their Lives

Maddie Harris, Staff Writer March 30, 2021

Finalizing the installment of the To All The Boys film series, To All The Boys: Always and Forever was released February 12th, 2021 on Netflix. This American teen romantic comedy film based on the 2017...

10 Songs for Sunny Days

10 Songs for Sunny Days

Maddie Harris, Staff Writer March 24, 2021

With the days growing longer, the nights much shorter, and the weather significantly warmer, the end of school and beginning of the long-awaited summer months are just around the corner. Walking out...

Harry Styles performing his No. 1 single Watermelon Sugar as he opens the Grammy Awards Ceremony Sunday evening.

A Year of Records at the Grammy’s

Maddie Harris, Staff Writer March 18, 2021

Eyes of family and friends were glued to the screen, firmly planted in front of their television at 8:00 P.M. sharp. Music lovers alike gathered together, anxiously awaiting the arrival of their favorite...

The 7 Degrees Brass Band rehearses in band member Logan Hendersons garage.

7 Degrees of Syncopation

Maddie Harris, Staff Writer March 16, 2021

Seven boys. Five instruments. One musical family. Meet the 7 Degrees Brass Band. Founded at North Allegheny, the 7 Degrees Brass Band came onto the scene in late 2019. The group consists of seven boys:...

Depicted above are many influential women throughout history, such as Michelle Obama and Malala.

Women’s History Month

Maddie Harris, Staff Writer March 1, 2021

March is known for St. Patrick’s Day (along with Shamrock Shakes from McDonald’s), but one of the most important aspects of the months is much larger, though it is unfortunately lesser known. March...

Tom Brady, the quarterback from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers showed next to Patrick Mahomes, the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback.

A Game to Remember

Maddie Harris, Staff Writer February 5, 2021

This year's NFL season was full of new rules, sudden changes, and tons of uncertainty, but the end is finally in sight. The 55th Super Bowl is set to occur this Sunday, February 7th, in Tampa, Florida,...

Finishing Strokes

Finishing Strokes

Maddie Harris, Staff Writer January 28, 2021

Athletics at North Allegheny are not to be taken lightly, as the competitive spirit and determination of North Allegheny’s student athletes are shown in games and meets throughout the district. The dedication...

A Review of Drivers License

A Review of “Drivers License”

Maddie Harris, Staff Writer January 19, 2021

Sixteen. Idolized, celebrated, a milestone in adolescence. The thrill of maturity, freedom, and adult responsibility at age 16 is inseparable from the coveted driver's license. For Olivia Rodrigo, obtaining...

The absence of in-person school can feel like an endless cycle of monotony.

Finding Meaning in the Seemingly Meaningless

Maddie Harris, Staff Writer January 13, 2021

Picture this: you’re looking out your bedroom window after hearing laughter—children's laughter—coming from outside. You see kids in the street, running around, playing ball with their parents, and...

As part of the annual Stuff-a-Bus campaign, fire trucks collected thousands of toys to donate to children in need.

Stuff a Bus 2020

Maddie Harris, Staff Writer December 10, 2020

Snow is falling all around, and lights are being hung from every tree. There's a certain kind of joy in the air. With the festivities of Thanksgiving now behind us, the holiday season has finally begun,...

With the arrival of winter comes the risk that we are one of the roughly 10 millions Americans who struggle with Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Out of Season

Maddie Harris, Staff Writer November 24, 2020

The arrival of the holiday season and all its attendant joy can mask a serious problem that affects over ten million Americans. As trees grow bare and skies turn to slate, Seasonal Affective Disorder...

The film teaches viewers the importance of living out your dream, no matter the cost.

Review of Clouds

Maddie Harris, Staff Writer November 10, 2020

Inspired by a true story, the new Disney+ original, Clouds, has touched the hearts of many within a few weeks of its release in October of 2020. This movie is based upon the memoir Fly A Little Higher:...

Mr. Geibels music is a representation of his own personality.

Saturday Night’s Alright

Maddie Harris, Staff Writer November 4, 2020

Strobe lights, fog machines, electric guitars, and friends gather together in a small basement in Bellevue on a Saturday night-- eating, drinking, and singing along to their favorite tunes performed by...

Face Shields: Are You Really Protected?

Face Shields: Are You Really Protected?

Maddie Harris, Staff Writer October 23, 2020

It's a common scene at NASH and throughout America's schooling system. Face coverings are now the norm, and not by student or teacher choice.  School districts have mandated the health measure. While...

Dietz behind the blocks ready to race during the 2019 WPIAL Championships held at Pitt.

An Early Calling

Maddie Harris, Staff Writer October 12, 2020

Arguably one of the most challenging parts of school has nothing to do with schoolwork at all— it can be simply getting out of bed in the morning. Rising before the sun and heading out the door is a...

Suicide prevention starts with destigmatizing mental illness and reaching out to those who may be struggling.

Not How My Story Will End

Maddie Harris, Staff Writer September 23, 2020

The author Christine Mason Miller once wrote, “You have the power to say, ‘This is not how my story will end.’” It's a vitally important sentiment, especially this month. The month of September...

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