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Alyssa Bruce, Copy Editor

Alyssa Bruce is currently in her senior year of high school and is excited to write for her fourth year on the school newspaper staff. She participates in NHS, Key Club, Tiger Thon & Project Water Committees, and NEHS.  For the school year, she runs on vanilla lattes and power naps.

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Merely a Show of Hands

Merely a Show of Hands

May 19, 2021

As with many things during the pandemic, participating in class is much harder to do during remote learning. Many students are already so burnt out that merely just coming to class and trying to learn...

Netflix announced its newest reality show via TikTok.

Not So Hype

May 6, 2021

Recently, Netflix has been under fire by many users for both upping monthly fees and cancelling many beloved original shows, like The Society. However, the media giant's most recent move that has caused...

After she graduates, she plans on studying art and fashion in London

London Calling

April 26, 2021

Where will you be attending college? I will be going to Central Saint Martins at the University of the Arts London. What made you want to go abroad to study? I have a passion for exploring...

Many seniors either DM or message potential roommates on apps like Instagram.

The Roommate Search

April 19, 2021

A new campus, unfamiliar faces, and a fresh start—many NASH seniors will soon be facing these experiences as they begin life in college. Before they set foot on campus, however, many try to find a roommate...

Sustainable fashion brands often refurbish old materials that otherwise would go to the landfill.

Alternatives To Fast Fashion

April 13, 2021

A majority of popular fashion brands today are classified as fast fashion, such as Fashion Nova or Shein. Fast fashion includes clothing that is mass produced at a very cheap cost, making it inexpensive...

Pittsburgh is a beautiful city, with different sights to see in every area.

Pittsburgh Photo-Ops

March 29, 2021

Scholarships come in different amounts, but even the smaller ones can lower the cost of college.

The Approach of Scholarship Season

March 23, 2021

It is no secret that college in America can rack up some big bills for young adults. Between tuition, room and board, and all the additional costs that come with being a college student, pursuing higher...

Especially during the pandemic, athletics are being prioritized over music and the arts.

The Sports Privilege of COVID-19

March 17, 2021

There is no question that having in-person school activities is incredibly difficult this year due to the pandemic. However, it seems that sports have been prioritized over other activities, such as the...

With an almost infinite number of colleges to choose from, seniors are beginning to narrow down their search for the perfect school.

College Committed

March 8, 2021

The card game features three levels of cards, each with different goals.

How A Card Game Can Bring People Closer

March 1, 2021

With 3.3 million followers on Instagram and 2.6 TikTok followers, the brand We’re Not Really Strangers is best known for its spread of quotes and reminders to have love for both yourself and others....

For Antarctica in particular, the heat waves of 2020 caused great damage.

2020 – One of the Hottest Years Yet

February 11, 2021

Among tense government situations, a global pandemic, and many other unforeseen troubles that arose last year, the global heat index remains arguably at the top the list of pressing issues for the future....

An accurate view of our past can be obstructed by the biases in history textbooks.

Hidden History

January 15, 2021

While textbooks are beneficial for educating the youth, many American history books tend to leave out important details, glorifying the white male leaders of the country, while ignoring both the accomplishments...

Blair and Chuck from Gossip Girl are an example of a glorified relationship, that behind the scenes, is simply unhealthy.

The Glorification of Unhealthy Relationships

December 18, 2020

Throughout many idolized Hollywood films, television shows aimed at young adults, and even fairy tales, unhealthy relationships and mannerisms are normalized and even glorified. Since the media that young...

Seeing the large, lit-up tree at the PPG Rink is on many Pittsburghers' holiday bucket lists.

A Pittsburgh Holiday Bucket List

December 14, 2020

It is a given that, unfortunately, this year will be a non-traditional holiday season. However, this certainly does not mean that it cannot be enjoyed. Whether it’s staying in or having fun outdoors,...

The Girl's Tennis team was able to safely hold their senior night with some slight modifications.

An Altered Celebration

November 24, 2020

On a traditional senior night, student-athletes are bombarded with flashes of cameras held by elated parents, colorful posters, and even flowers. They typically walk under the black and gold inflatable...

The circular desk arrangement, common to the Socratic seminar, aims to provoke student discussion free of teacher intervention.


November 16, 2020

Walking into a classroom and seeing the desks arranged in a circle may not seem menacing at all, but for some students, it can cause their hearts to drop, as it can be a sign that there will be a Socratic...

Visiting either Shenot’s or Soergel Orchard's pumpkin patches are a staple event for the fall season.

A Pittsburgh Autumn Bucket List

October 27, 2020

Although some traditional Halloween and fall activities may be cancelled due to the coronavirus, there are still a variety of enjoyable, safe activities to experience in Pittsburgh. Whether it be catching...

 Staring at a computer screen for a majority of the school day can have detrimental effects on youth.

The Health Impacts of Online Learning

October 16, 2020

Screen technology has long had a troubled relationship with the community of health professionals. Concerns ranging from eye strain and obesity to mood swings and depression have been widely noted in association...

Although most have adapted to new pandemic procedures,  such as missing out on large events such as concerts, it is still a frequent complaint for many.

Viral Complaints

October 8, 2020

Almost daily, complaints about Corona cancellations and masks are heard throughout schools, workplaces, and seemingly everywhere else. This is understandable, as the virus has caused many beloved events,...

Author Andre Aciman perfectly depicts teenage love in the novel.

A Review Of Call Me By Your Name

September 29, 2020

Spoiler alert: Plot elements are included in the following review. Call Me By Your Name by Andre Aciman is not exactly an easy read, but it is one that is definitely worth the effort. The book is based...

College admissions offices across the country are now offering students an online glimpse of campus life, complete with 360-degree pictures and other interactive features.

Visiting Virtually

September 22, 2020

Senior year, while famously marked by easy coursework and little responsibility, has one even more defining feature -- college applications. Perhaps the most important decision in the lives of high...

President Trump has turned to Twitter as a political platform.

Technology and Politics

June 4, 2020

The way people receive information is changing. In the past, people digested news through paper, magazines, and TV. The ability to access and spread information was incredibly expensive and could only...

Netflix's new series combines adventure, mystery, romance, and friendship, all over the course of one summer.

A Review Of “Outer Banks”

May 13, 2020

The newest Netflix original series to become popular, Outer Banks at first appears to be your typical coming-of-age summer watch. However, while it does have those aspects, the show quickly takes on different...

Authorities have reported a startling increase in domestic abuse calls since the quarantine took effect.

Unsafe at Home

April 29, 2020

At first glance, it was not surprising when, in early April, the United Nations declared the urgent need for action in response to the Covid-19 outbreak. A host of global authorities had issued dire warnings...

When an abundance of free time is given, it is difficult to simply watch Netflix, because there is always a more productive task available.

Hard To Relax

April 21, 2020

With all outside activities and school itself coming to a halt, there is now an abundance of free time that many of us have never had. It's safe to say that a majority of students have been catching up...

Quarantine Recipes

Quarantine Recipes

April 3, 2020

During social distancing, there comes a time when one runs out of things to do, and boredom strikes. Instead of spending hours switching between apps, try baking. It provides a productive yet enjoyable...

The coming of age series depicts a close knit group of teens desire to find their

A Review Of “Looking For Alaska”

March 30, 2020

Hulu's adaptation of John Green's novel Looking For Alaska depicts the story over the course of eight episodes. During each, Miles Halter, a quiet and unpopular teenager, begins to find himself as he discovers...

A majority of fast fashion clothes end up in the landfill in no time.

Not So Fast Fashion

March 24, 2020

Splattered over social media -- and often endorsed by pop culture's favorite celebrities -- are ads for "fast fashion" brands, such as ZARA and FashionNova.  Straight from the catwalk to your closet --...

As cheering has begun to require greater commitment and athletic ability, it deserves to receive status as a sport.

Cheering Qualifies

March 3, 2020

“They’re not even doing anything," scoffs a fellow student of mine, in regard to the cheerleaders on the sidelines. I have heard this phrase countless times at Friday night football games. I can...

Items like Hydroflasks, scrunchies, and AirPods are high on the list of being

Basic or Bust

February 5, 2020

“I like them, but I don't want to look basic.'' It's a phrase I have said numerous times while shopping, merely within the past few months. Vans, Nike Air Force Ones, and Lululemon leggings. Walking...

Movies like

The Idealization Of Youth

January 27, 2020

Popular culture depicts being a teenager as having a closely wound group of friends with whom you constantly party and go on adventures, all while finding love and making memories you’ll never forget....

Madi Pittman, a junior at NASH, is one of the few students who has gotten a tattoo.

Unfading Commitments

January 24, 2020

“You’re too young to decide on something that will be on you forever," is the response most teens hear from their parents or guardians upon asking to get a tattoo. For many, tattoos are a permanent...

Book Review: We Were Liars

Book Review: We Were Liars

January 7, 2020

At first glance, the Sinclairs appear to be an impeccable family, coming together every summer on their own private island. Wealth, looks, and power. They seemingly have it all, from an outsider's point...

The infinite possibilities of how to spend free time, while initially refreshing, reveals an underlying stress.

Not So “Free” Time

December 17, 2019

As a typical high school student, my day-to-day routine consists of school, followed by an event like work or a club meeting, and then about three consecutive hours of homework. As one can imagine, I spend...

For Instagram users, likes are part of what defines a photo. Yet, public display of likes may soon be removed.

Like It or Not

December 3, 2019

The desire to be liked by others is practically encoded into our DNA, and social media platforms like Instagram have made a fortune by exploiting it. When one views a post on Instagram, for instance,...

For NASH students, most wake up around 5:30-6:30 each day.

Why School Start Times Should Remain As Is

November 15, 2019

Despite the fact that it is not even 8:00 a.m. yet, high schoolers across the country are already sitting in class, taking detailed notes and listening to lectures in the bright lights of the classroom,...

The popularity of pumpkins stems from both the Celtics and the British.

The History behind Halloween

October 31, 2019

For the majority of society, Halloween is the one day a year it's considered "normal" to walk door-to-door wearing a mask and asking strangers for candy and then getting eat all of said candy without any...

Many states in America don't fully teach environmental topics such as sustainability and global warming.

Hot and Cold

October 22, 2019

For at least the past few years, it has seemed that one cannot go a day without hearing of global warming or sustainable living, whether it be from the news or directly from others. Yet, despite sustainable...

Classic teen movies contribute to the glorification of high school.

Not Like the Movies

October 9, 2019

Mind-blowing weekend parties. Gorgeous upperclassmen who could pass for thirty-year-olds. Unlimited free time to socialize before school, after school, and even during school. With Hollywood as our...

Gym is a valuable component of a student's education.  But should the class be required for four year, especially for student-athletes who exercise daily?

Fit for Four Years?

September 30, 2019

It goes without saying that physical education is an important part of a student's life and overall well-being.  But when a significant part of a students life already involves exercise, should a 42-minute...

The sequel to the successful first film is as spine-tingling and equally well directed.

IT Ends: Chapter Two Review

September 13, 2019

Following the first IT, the second chapter of the story was released on September 5th, a two year wait. Although the new film still features the same characters, nicknamed the "losers," the same kids who...

Like Honors and AP classes, Academic classes are designed to be college preparatory.  But the culture at NA has grown so extreme that many students either shun the track or are embarrassed to admit they have a class or two at that level.

“I’m only taking Academic.”

September 8, 2019

Now that the school year is in full swing, the scheduling process may seem like a distant memory.  But how are students' course selections last spring working out now that classes are in session? In...

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