The Student Voice of North Allegheny Senior High School

The Uproar

The Student Voice of North Allegheny Senior High School

The Uproar

The Student Voice of North Allegheny Senior High School

The Uproar

Mia Dudek

Mia Dudek, Staff Writer

Mia is a senior at NASH. This is her first year writing for the newspaper. When she's not in school, she is most likely playing soccer. She also loves drinking coffee.

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New jobs lead to new opportunities

Summer on the Job

June 8, 2021

With summer approaching swiftly, seniors are preparing for college in all different ways. Some are connecting with roommates, buying expensive laptops, or looking at Pinterest for dorm inspiration. But...

Many Cinco de Mayo celebrations around the country consist of street festivals and parades.

10 Facts About Cinco de Mayo

May 5, 2021

Cinco de Mayo, which is a traditional Mexican holiday, is largely celebrated in America as well. Although it is briefly discussed in Spanish classes and some attend parties with Mexican dishes, many Americans...

Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer play the heroines in one of Netflixs latest releases.

A Review of Thunder Force

May 4, 2021

When it comes to Netflix originals, I always find them to be either a hit or a miss. Recently, while I was scrolling through Netflix’s top ten list, I was intrigued when I saw Melissa McCarthy starring...

A Graduation Bucket List

A Graduation Bucket List

April 26, 2021

Ever since I was little, I would always make bucket lists. These lists would be pages long and very extravagant. I promised myself from a young age that I would try to live life to the fullest and enjoy...

The City of Bridges is famous for its beautiful skyline.

Things to do in Pittsburgh

March 29, 2021

The city of Pittsburgh is rich with culture and interesting artifacts that many outsiders may not know or realize. People who aren’t from this great city cannot understand how much this city truly has...

Ocean City has become a popular vacation spot for North Allegheny students.

Beach Bound

March 29, 2021

Look out Ocean City, here come the NASH seniors! While senior trips are a hallmark of any graduating class, many North Allegheny 2021 graduates are making their senior trip destination Ocean City, Maryland....

A Girl Power Playlist

A Girl Power Playlist

March 18, 2021

There are many inspiring female artists producing powerful music for women all over the world. It’s no shocker why many young girls look up to these artists. They show off their confidence to the media....

50-70 million Americans suffer from a sleeping disorder.

National Sleep Week, March 14-20

March 8, 2021

What is one thing every person has in common and unconditionally loves? If you guessed sleep, you are correct. March 14th-20th is National Sleep Awareness Week. The week serves as an educational campaign...

The Lions Share

The Lion’s Share

February 18, 2021

What do you like about basketball, and what do you gain from it that you don't from football? What I love about the sport is the competition that comes with it. The competition gets me into a state...

Valentines Day at NASH will look different than years past.

A Year without MORP

February 5, 2021

February 14th is quickly approaching, and love is in the air at NASH. Though the month may be best known for Valentine's Day, it represents much more to NASH students. In a normal year, the annual MORP...

North Allegheny’s pressure for success leaves many students overworked and stressed.

Education’s Superiority Complex

January 11, 2021

From a young age, students at North Allegheny are taught the importance of hard work and high grades. The schools drill academic competitiveness into students' heads, setting up unrealistic expectations...

5 Unique Christmas Cookies

5 Unique Christmas Cookies

December 18, 2020

The Holidays are filled with traditions. Whatever a person celebrates, they get together and create new memories each year. Many families have incorporated baking Christmas cookies during the Holiday...

Mamaw and J.D. from Netflixs recent feature Hillbilly Elegy, based on J.D. Vance best-selling memoir.

A Review of Hillbilly Elegy

December 17, 2020

Netflix’s newest original feature, Hillbilly Elegy, is leaving many viewers disappointed and upset with how the movie was done. Hillbilly Elegy, directed by Ron Howard, stars Gabriel Basso as J.D,...

10 Songs for 10 Years of One Direction

10 Songs for 10 Years of One Direction

November 3, 2020

From auditioning for the UK X-Factor to becoming a worldwide sensation, One Direction had pretty much crushed it in the music industry. Even though the band decided to part ways in 2016, they still maintain...


October 26, 2020

The North Allegheny Student Section was finally able to show their school spirit at last weeks football game.

The Spirit of the Section

October 8, 2020

October 2nd, 2020 was the first time this season students could attend the North Allegheny varsity football game. Due to COVID-19 and the governor-mandated attendee limitations, students were previously...

Netflix issued an apology in August in regard to its choice of promotional art for the film Cuties, directed by Maïmouna Doucouré.

Too Cute for Comfort

October 5, 2020

After viewing the first few minutes of the new Netflix movie Cuties -- or even merely the trailer -- it is no wonder why a recent petition for subscribers to cancel their subscriptions gained over 600,000...

Ava Catanzarite is now a senior training in Florida and competing internationally.

Match Point

September 18, 2020

No one can doubt that North Allegheny is packed with excellent student-athletes. Ranked the top school district for sports in Pennsylvania, NA routinely nurtures young athletes who bring forth state championships...

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