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The Student Voice of North Allegheny Senior High School

The Uproar

The Student Voice of North Allegheny Senior High School

The Uproar

Kara Mihm

Kara Mihm, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Kara Mihm is a senior co-editor-in-chief on The Uproar. Along with writing, she also contributes to NATV. When not in school or participating in sports, you can find her online shopping with the money from her minimum-wage lifeguarding job. She is very excited about her second year of writing for the school newspaper.

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Good Talk: Mr. Karolski

Good Talk: Mr. Karolski

Kara Mihm, Co-Editor-in-Chief May 26, 2022

What is it like being a student at North Allegheny and then returning years later to teach? At first, it was rather intimidating working with so many of the people who made me want to become a teacher...

Up Close: TigerThon 2022

Up Close: TigerThon 2022

Kara Mihm, Co-Editor-in-Chief May 9, 2022

Kathleen Mihm has put every piece of her into the raising of her five children.

What My Mother Has Taught Me

Kara Mihm, Co-Editor-in-Chief May 6, 2022

Sixteen years ago, my mother traded in her honey brown locks for a life of slowly accumulating gray hairs. She had just had her fifth child, and she didn’t yet know exactly what she was getting herself...

This years number of ICDC competitors broke the record at North Allegheny.

Down to Business: A Review of DECA Internationals

Kara Mihm, Co-Editor-in-Chief April 29, 2022

Not even TripAdvisor could suggest the one activity that brought over 17,500 competitors to the International DECA competition in Atlanta, Georgia this past week. The website’s top recommendation, a...

Serving as an experimental season, this years team is the first step to establishing girls flag football as a varsity sport at North Allegheny.

Sunday Afternoon Lights

Kara Mihm, Co-Editor-in-Chief April 6, 2022

Since the end of North Allegheny’s football season in November, the term “Friday Night Lights” has receded into deep hibernation. But in its temporary absence, the potential for a new phrase has...

Perfect Pitch

Perfect Pitch

Kara Mihm, Co-Editor-in-Chief April 5, 2022

When did your passion for music begin? It started when my sister started taking Carnatic music lessons, and I would always want to see something from her music book.  My parents noticed this and enrolled...

Crushing the forty year-old Womens 500 yard freestyle record, Lexi Sundgren displays the same characteristics as Sarah Mulligan who set it in 1982.

Champions of Two Decades

Kara Mihm, Co-Editor-in-Chief March 16, 2022

The year was 1982. Michael Jackson dropped the earth-shattering album Thriller, Prince William was brought into the world, and NASH senior Sarah Durstein set a record-breaking 500 freestyle time that would...

The Island School ,located on Eleuthera Island, engages students by actively discovering real-world environmental solutions.

A Term in the Tropics

Kara Mihm, Co-Editor-in-Chief March 15, 2022

An orange, bagel, craisins, water, tarp, mat, pencil, paper, and bug net. These were the only materials Nico Simons was allowed to use for the next 48 hours. And to make it worse, the NASH senior wasn’t...

[Multimedia] A Mukbang with Jacob Porter

Kara Mihm, Co-Editor-in-Chief March 8, 2022

A senior photo of NA Athletic Director Bob Bozzuto, Howland High School Class of 75.

Man vs. Bear

Kara Mihm, Co-Editor-in-Chief February 28, 2022

The defeat was not predicted. How could anyone imagine that the opponent's perfect record would end so soon, especially to a high school senior? Students, teachers, parents, and practically the...

Mr. Buchert (second from left) beside his Academic Hall colleagues Mr. Walkowiak, Ms. Manesiotis, and Mr. Greenleaf.

Farewell, Mr. Buchert

Kara Mihm, Co-Editor-in-Chief January 13, 2022

How long have you worked at NA? Overall, 29 years. I first taught at Ingomar Middle School. Then I left for two years to be a head football coach at another school before I returned to NA to work at...

During their busiest season, UPS relies on dedicated workers to dispatch gifts all across the world.

On the Front Lines of Holiday Shopping

Kara Mihm, Co-Editor-in-Chief December 23, 2021

Santa’s helpers might not always be two feet tall and robed in green and red. In fact, many are a little taller, wearing brown button-ups and slacks, too. UPS is in its holiday peak, wrangling up...

The question of Who am I? can lead to self-inflicted labels that restrict change.

A Mosaic of You

Kara Mihm, Co-Editor-in-Chief December 9, 2021

There is only one person you will spend your whole life with, one person you can’t break up with no matter how serious the fight.  And in case you are not sure who I am referring to, take a quick peek...

The All Too Well short film arrived with the re-recording of her album Red.

NASH Interprets All Too Well

Kara Mihm November 17, 2021

Amid Taylor Swift reclaiming her music and re-recording her first five albums, she dropped a major bomb last Friday, setting the media world aflame. After releasing her short film, All Too Well, which...

Evan Mehalov, Ryan Manderbach, and Nick Roble have mastered the highs and lows at Happy Valley.

For the Besties, it’s all about authenticity

Kara Mihm, Co-Editor-in-Chief November 11, 2021

Tongues out, hips popped, and wrists bent, the Besties of Penn State have slo-mo’d their way into the hearts of over 145,000 TikTok fans.  Starting as a video journal to document the reality of college...

Sports Swap!

Kara Mihm and Abbey Hahn October 19, 2021

Harry Styles Love on Tour proved to be worth the 15-month wait.

“Love on Tour” visits Pittsburgh

Kara Mihm, Co-Editor-in-Chief October 18, 2021

The best things come in small packages. A compact black box labeled “soft goods,” to be exact. Crouched inside was a six-foot, suspender-clad British man, who emerged on stage last Thursday evening...

Each morning at the strike of 7:23am, the Attendance Office is booming with late students -- and Mrs. Fenton is there to greet each one of them.

From the First Bell to the Last

Kara Mihm, Co-Editor-in-Chief September 21, 2021

In the early-morning hours, one might convincingly argue that the most happening place in the school is tucked in the corner of the main office. Inside resides a certain someone whose familiarity with...

Rack of vintage coats and dresses

[Photo] A Morning at The Neighborhood Flea

Sreeja Yellapragada, Staff Writer September 22, 2021

Rack of vintage coats and dresses

After his second fourth-place finish at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, Andrei Minakov lay paralyzed in pain and disappointment.

One Step from the Podium

Kara Mihm, Co-Editor-in-Chief September 13, 2021

“Almost.” That fatal word described the performance of 339 athletes at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. The blink of an eye or the fraction of an inch separated the top world medalists from the empty-handed...

Ready, Set, Jump!

Ready, Set, Jump!

Kara Mihm, Co-Editor-in-Chief August 31, 2021

How did you get started playing volleyball? Everyone in my family played. My mom played in college and then continued her career on the National Team. When my brother started to play, my sisters wanted...

Good Talk: Mr. Salopek

Good Talk: Mr. Salopek

Kara Mihm, Co-Editor-in-Chief August 26, 2021

  Growing up, what was your dream job? Have you always wanted to be an assistant principal? My dream job was always to be a teacher. I didn't know what I wanted to teach or where I wanted to...

Good Talk: Mr. Bozzuto

Good Talk: Mr. Bozzuto

Kara Mihm, Staff Writer June 4, 2021

What were you like during high school? I was a scholar-athlete, played three sports, and was very confident in what I did. I played football, and I wrestled. I played basketball, not on a school team,...

In the long run, trying to keep up with every fashion trend is not worth it.

The Trouble with Trends

Kara Mihm, Staff Writer May 20, 2021

Falling victim to the glory of Pinterest, I often find myself wanting to buy a new wardrobe at least once a month. Rash decisions with my money usually end up with a specific piece of clothing hanging...

TigerThon was able to fundraise to fight against pediatric cancer, even in such an uncertain year.

No Child Fights Alone (even during a pandemic)

Kara Mihm, Staff Writer May 17, 2021

Senior TigerThon captains Jordan Richards and Matt Turzai spent last Saturday pulling together an event that they weren't even sure would happen just two weeks ago.  "Despite the short amount of time...

Sports broadcaster Randy Gore (pictured left) has supplied North Allegheny with play-by-play updates for over ten years.  Seated to the right is color commentator Rick Meister.

The Randy Gore Story

Kara Mihm, Staff Writer April 30, 2021

In a world where sports figures are placed on pedestals, every athlete aspires to hoist the winning trophy. Whether recreationally or competitively, the promise of teamwork, accomplishment, and pride draw...

How He Rolls

How He Rolls

Kara Mihm, Staff Writer April 6, 2021

What inspired you to get started in bowling? Well, I used to watch a lot of PBA bowling on my phone when I was younger, and one person that stood out to me was Jason Belmonte, one of the best PBA players...

Survivors Stories

Survivors’ Stories

Kara Mihm, Staff Writer March 29, 2021

As the number of living Holocaust survivors continues to dwindle, the importance of sharing their stories has only grown with time. On April 8th, the annual celebration of Yom HaShoah will mark the...

A.W. Beattie, the northern regional vocational school,  fosters educational growth through 20 different programs.

On the Job

Kara Mihm, Staff Writer March 18, 2021

It's common for high school students who are mapping out their career goals to ask themselves,  “What next?” For many, the answer is college, where an estimated one in three students will change...

NASHs foods classes teem with male students who are learning that the importance of life-long cooking skills has nothing to do with gender.

Towards a Less Split Kitchen

Kara Mihm, Staff Writer March 3, 2021

Brace yourself for news that might be scandalously controversial: barbequing is not equivalent to cooking. Sure, the definition of cooking is the act of preparing food for consumption, and barbequing...

Celebrate your fondest memories with your partner by writing them a love letter this weekend. It doesnt have to be long; in fact, it could be tiny.

Tiny Love Stories of NASH

Kara Mihm, Staff Writer February 12, 2021

Inspired by Tiny Love Stories published by the New York Times, we encouraged students and teachers at NASH to submit narratives of their own in fewer than 150 words. In the spirit of Valentine's Day, here...

[Multimedia] The Best of the Batch

Kara Mihm, Staff Writer February 4, 2021

Infantilizing the Elderly

Infantilizing the Elderly

Kara Mihm, Staff Writer January 20, 2021

My grandmother, who was 91 when she passed, was everything but helpless, naive, and cute, which are all words that are used to describe a baby. She had lived through the Great Depression, presided as the...

In acknowledgement of racist stereotypes, Clevelands baseball franchise has agreed to change its name.

The Name of the Game

Kara Mihm, Staff Writer January 4, 2021

Bid farewell to the Cleveland “Indians,” as the announcement of a new name has been officially released.  Since 1915, when the team's name changed from the Naps to Indians, years of protest have...

Gift-giving can be hard, especially when many stores are closed.

20 Ideas for Holiday Gifts

Kara Mihm, Staff Writer December 8, 2020

NA senior Lizzy Groetsch has been a dominant force on the basketball court since she first started playing in middle school.

She’s Called to Compete

Kara Mihm, Staff Writer December 2, 2020

From size-three yellow hightops to size-nine Nikes, senior Lizzy Groetsch has spent her life on the basketball court. Ever since her debut in second grade, Groetsch has made major strides on and off the...

On platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and TikTok, access to an inside view of our peers lives is remarkably easy.

In Case You Missed It

Kara Mihm, Staff Writer November 19, 2020

Each week as Friday approaches, my mind maps out all the friends I can hang out with and all the events that I can attend over the upcoming weekend. From the moment school ends on Friday afternoon, I find...

A pandemic is clearly an inopportune time for teachers to change how they weigh test grades.

In Defense of Total Points

Kara Mihm, Staff Writer November 5, 2020

The year 2020 has been stressful enough.  Despite the drastic challenges of a pandemic and a divisive and disputed election, students still have to push through and continue to fulfill our academic obligations.  When...

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